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Right to cancellation when selecting the product

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On your checkout page, the customer is shown the relevant right of withdrawal above the purchase button.

This can be displayed in two ways:

  • It is only displayed.
  • The customer has to explicitly agree (e.g. in the case of a waiver) and cannot buy the product without this. 


A standard right of withdrawal is pre-assigned for each product. You can change this. You can choose

  • between specified legally secure texts from us and
  • a self-designed right of withdrawal 

or offer a money-back guarantee that goes beyond what is legally required.

You can also set whether a different or no right of withdrawal should apply to B2B (i.e. purchases that click on "Company" on your checkout page).

Providing the cancellation terms for the product

  • Go to your product in edit mode.
  • Go to the "Checkout page" tab.
  • Go to the "Cancellation policy" section there.

  • If you would like to select a different cancellation term, click on "Change template."

You can then choose between the legally secure texts prepared by us which is "Default" or the templates that you have created yourself, "Custom".


In this example we have created a template for a 180-day money-back guarantee.

You see here"

  • the internal name you assigned
  • for how many products you have currently saved this right of cancellation
  • whether it is activated for B2B customers
  • whether a PDF file will be sent as an attachment with your cancellation text
  • whether the customer has to actively confirm this via the checkbox
  • how many days the customer can cancel the purchase.


If you choose a different template without using the B2B switcher, this applies to all buyers.

If your offer is also aimed at entrepreneurs, you should select a separate template for B2B customers. 

Selecting a separate text for entrepreneurs

When selling to entrepreneurs, there is no statutory right of cancellation, as this is only aimed at consumers. So if your products can also be bought by entrepreneurs, you should enter a different text here. Otherwise your customer could legally insist on the right of cancellation displayed there. Please observe the current judgments.

In this case, we have stored a revocation text that makes it clear that he has no right of cancellation if he buys as an entrepreneur in accordance with §14 German Civil Code.

If you like to provide this,

  • please activate the switcher "Use separate cancellation policy for companies (B2B)" and then select the appropriate template.

You can find our prepared template under "Default."


Example for B2B if you activate our template for it:



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