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Reserving online tickets

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tip.png You can reserve tickets, e.g. if they were bought in person or over the phone. These are then no longer available to other buyers. In addition, tickets are automatically reserved if they were purchased in advance, but the payment has not yet been received.

Reserving tickets

  • Click on "BIlling & Reports" and then
  • on "Invoice" and create an invoice for the tickets.

This automatically lists these tickets as "reserved." The status is retained until the invoice has been paid.


Once all available tickets have been sold or reserved, the ticket can no longer be sold. The buyer then sees right before the purchase that the event is already sold out.


View reserved tickets

For tickets, you can now see directly under your product how many tickets have already been reserved for a specific event.

  • To do this, go to "Products" in the seller account and select the ticket.

Delete reservations

If you want to delete a reservation that was made via an unpaid advance payment order, you can cancel the >>advance payment.

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