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Setting up elopage for sales

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Step 1: Registering as a seller

After registering, you will be taken directly to your dashboard and you will be able to get an initial overview.

For 14 days and free of charge, we will set for you a package that has almost all the features of the Pro package (except for the functions for which we incur external costs, such as the data protection generator or elopage video).

Under "My plan" you can see which package is set for you and how long your trial period lasts. You can find out more about the free of charge trial in the article "Is there a free trial period?".

Step 2: Creating your first product

Create and publish your product.

  • If necessary, integrate badges, banners or an embedded form on your landing page, advertise your product.
  • Adapt the purchase and delivery processes to your needs as required.
  • If necessary, set up an affiliate program to increase reach and acquire new customers from your publisher.

Step 3: Activating your account

After creating your first product, you will be asked to activate your account so that it can be approved for sale. If you just want to try things out at first, you can ignore this note and the activation.

For sales, it is important that the terms and conditions and legal notice have been created, your shop profile has been created and the tax settings have been provided. We will guide you through these steps in the help document and video >Activating a sales account.

Please note that the prices listed on the price overview apply for sales. The free trial only refers to the monthly costs for the basic plan, which you can use in full during the trial.

Step 4: Completing or checking your settings

If you want to sell products, you should edit or check the following settings. You can find the settings in the "Settings" menu.

  • Automated invoicing: If you activate this, an invoice will be created automatically for every purchase and sent to the customer. You can access these in the "Transfers" area.
    If you cancel a payment, a credit memo will be created automatically. Note: If you switch to a less extensive plan, the app will be deactivated. But you can book it again.

  • Authentication of your account: If you use the integrated payment account to receive payments made via Sofort, prepayment or credit card, these will only be enabled when your payment account has been authenticated by our banking partner.
    Without this authentication, you can only sell your products if you have integrated external payment providers such as PayPal or Stripe. The payments then go directly to your external account and the authentication is then carried out by these providers according to their regulations. 
  • Cancellation terms: Select which cancellation term should be displayed by default for which product type. You can still change these for the product.

  • Custom domain: If you want to sell or run your shop under your own URL, activate the custom domain. Since GDPR stipulates that pages must be encrypted, you should install an SSL certificate with your provider and then provide us with it, before activating the custom domain.

  • Email marketing connection: elopage also offers a CRM. You can select, filter and export customer data. If you use an email marketing program such as Get Response, Active Campaign, Mailchimp or KlickTipp, you can transfer the customer data to your provider for each sale via one of our email apps or via Zapier.

Step 5: Setting up the debiting of costs for elopage

The costs for using elopage are not offset against the earnings on your payment account.

Please activate automated withdrawal of costs for feature apps, packages, transfer and service fees etc. as soon as possible.

These include:

  • All transfer related costs for payments made through PayPal and
  • the cost of the plan (except for beginners) and
  • where applicable, manually booked apps.

The debit will take place on the 1st of the following month via SEPA direct debit or credit card using the payment method you have provided. 

And now you can start selling!

For the individual products, you will find plenty of help, as well as videos, in our help center.


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