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Setting up an individual domain

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Do you have your own domain and would like to display your elopage pages under your domain? Then book our >>Pro-Plan or the app >>Custom Domain.

Your elopage pages can then be reached under your domain or subdomain URL, e.g.


This URL always redirects to your elopage shop and is accordingly supplemented by "/s/yourusername." If you have used your >>elopage subdomain before, your elopage pages will continue to be accessed via

Wichtig_.png Important

Please read the >>Important notes on individual domains carefully.

Since the GDPR prescribes encrypted pages, please deal with the topic of SSL certificates before the set up. You can:

  • either buy it from your provider or it is included in the contract with your provider or
  • you buy an SSL certificate for NGINX servers and install it from your provider.

Only then should you set up domain mapping with us.


U_berblick_u_ber_diesen_Artikel.png Overview


Schritt-fu_r-Schritt-Anleitung.png Step by step guide

Set up an individual domain

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Settings" and "Domain Configuration."
  • Move the cursor over "Individual Domain" and click on "Set up."


Info.png Info

If the domain mapping feature is not included in your subscription package, you'll be asked to book the app or upgrade your package to >>Professional or above.

Provide URL

  • Click on the pencil icon and enter your domain or subdomain URL.
  • Click the green check mark to confirm.


  • A window opens with the information that all elopage page links are now mapped to your (sub)domain. Check your entry again and then click "Yes."


Provide the IP address

  • Store the following IP address as an A record with your domain provider, e.g. >>IONOS:

Info.png info

You can find links to the support offers of common domain providers in the support article >>Save custom domain with the provider.

  • As soon as you have entered our IP address correctly, click on "Check" on the right. The error message disappears and a green check mark appears in front of "3". Provide "IP address."


Provide SSL certificate

Wichtig_.png Important

Despite the "optional" note in brackets, you should always provide an SSL certificate. Otherwise your mapped elopage pages will be shown to your customers as unsafe pages. You can find help in our support article >>Provide SSL certificate for custom domain.

  • Save your SSL certificate and click on "Save".



  • Save your logo here by clicking on one of the upload symbols (e.g. from the hard drive) if you would like this to replace the elopage logo in your customers' payer account.



Hinweis.png Please note

Your logo always appears when your customers log in using one of your (sub)domain URLs, but not when they use the login option on the >>elopage homepage.

Delete individual domain configuration

  • Click on "Delete individual domain configuration" at the bottom if you want to perform the following actions:


Video.png Video

A detailed explanation of the custom domain and the answer to many questions that we regularly receive on this subject can be found in our >>Pro Webinar on the topic: White labeling & custom domain with elopage.

More on individual domains

>>Important notes on individual domains

>>Save custom domain with the provider

>>Provide SSL certificate for custom domain

>>Possible causes of the error in the SSL certificate

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