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Refunding payments & partial amounts

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You can completely cancel a payment from your customer or make a partial repayment.

You can repay all the payments that

  • have not been received using the prepayment payment method and
  • that have been made in the last 180 days

yourself, if your deposit account has sufficient funds.

The amount you specified will be refunded to the customer using the same payment method that was used for the payment. For example, back to

  • the PayPal* account
  • the credit card account or the
  • checking account

of the customer. A repayment to another account or another payment method is not possible via the elopage system.

A separate transfer and a cancellation credit will be created for the cancellation. The customer will automatically receive an email with the cancellation credit.

If the payment was made via PayPal, you will receive back part of the transaction fees incurred there from PayPal.

hinweis.png Please note 

If an installment is repaid in full, the customer no longer has access to the product if the payment itself has not been completed and the payment is still due. This must be taken into account especially when reimbursing individual installments of subscription or installment payments.

For example, if you repay an installment of an installment payment and have not canceled the order itself, the installment remains due and payment methods that are debited will be debited again. The support article >>Editing, Adding & Deleting Installments from an Installment Payment shows you how you can edit and/or cancel installments.

In the case of a subscription payment, please also cancel the subscription via the customer's payment manage page so that the next installments are not due.

Special features of SEPA direct debits
Payments via SEPA direct debit with elopage PLUS or sellers in the reseller model can be canceled no earlier than 7 days after the payment has been displayed as successful.

The SEPA regulations allow the customer to reverse the SEPA direct debit. This can usually be done directly in online banking and has nothing to do with any statutory right of withdrawal for consumers.

Please note that the information on SEPA, such as the payment status or chargeback due to the underlying banking processes, will only be transmitted to us 6-14 days later.
This means that the customer can already see the debit if we have not yet received any feedback as to whether the direct debit has been redeemed or not and can cause a chargeback. In other words, if your customer has already initiated a chargeback and you cancel, the customer will receive the money back twice. Therefore, when you cancel, you should be sure that your customer has not initiated a chargeback.



Pay back the payment within 180 days (except prepayment)

Pay back a partial amount within 180 days (except prepayment)

Pay back the prepayment

Pay back the amount after more than 180 days

Refund PayPal payments that are older than 180 days

Pay back Stripe payments (SEPA direct debit) that are older than 180 days

FAQ about repayment


   Step-by-step guide

Pay back the payment within 180 days (except prepayment)

  • Click on "Customers" and "Orders" to view the order overview.
  • Click on the "order ID" to get to the order details.


  • You get to the order overview. Click on the "Pay back amount" button in the top right corner.


  • The "Cancel payments" pop-up opens. Click here on "Cancellation" next to the payment to be refunded.


  • Next, click on "Cancel payment."


  • The "Repayment amount" pop-up opens. By default, the full amount of the payments received so far is entered here. If you want to refund the same, click here on "Confirm cancellation."


Pay back a partial amount within 180 days (except prepayment)

  • Follow the steps for a complete refund of a payment (as described above) until you get to the "Enter repayment amount" pop-up. 
  • Change the amount to be reimbursed here and then click on "Confirm cancellation."


  • You get back to the "Cancel payments" pop-up. If you move the cursor over the info symbol, a message will appear with the partial amount refunded and the maximum possible refund amount.

Info.png Info

You can find the transfers and the link to the invoice in the "Transactions" section of your order overview.


hinweis.png Please note

If the "Repay amount" button is not available, a cancellation is only possible directly through elopage.

Send us the transfer number for the cancellation via our >>Request form so that we can repay the amount.

Pay back the prepayment

For the cancellation of prepayments, we need proof of account holder from your customer for the recipient account with the following data:

  • your customer's IBAN
  • the bank logo
  • the name of the account holder.

This can be an official bank document with this data including the bank logo or the EC card that contains this data. Simply naming the data is not enough.

If your customer has a login with us for his payer account, he can also provide the IBAN directly in his payer account under "Settings" and "Profile". The data then does not go over the Internet, but rather is stored in our protected area.

If the customer has deposited the proof in his payer account, please send us the cancellation order stating the transfer number and the amount to be canceled using our request form.

If the customer has sent you the IBAN proof, send the cancellation order and the receipt to us using our request form

Pay back the amount after more than 180 days

Instruct us with the repayment using our request form stating

  • the transfer number and
  • the amount to be canceled.

Send us the order from the email address on your sales or team account. As a team member, we will only cancel the amount if you have the authorization for transfers for the seller account. If you do not have this, the order must go through the account holder.

Refund PayPal payments that are older than 180 days

PayPal does not technically allow repayment of payments that are older than 180 days (neither via the interface nor directly from your PayPal account). If you click on the "cancel" button during the transfer, you will receive an error message and a transfer with the status "error" will be created.

Then contact PayPal support and ask for cancellation there. If you are in the reseller model, we will do this for you. Then let your customer know that it may take a few days longer.

Pay back Stripe payments (SEPA direct debit) that are older than 180 days

Stripe does not allow the repayment of SEPA direct debits that are older than 180 days. However, if you click on the "cancel" button, you will receive an error message and a transfer with the status "error" will be created.

Then manually transfer the amount back to the customer and create and send a cancellation invoice to the customer.


End online course access

If the customer has completely revoked an online course running on elopage, do not forget

  • to block access to the course and
  • for courses with regular payments, to stop them.

You can find out more about it in this article.

Do you have enough credit in your account?

The deposit account from which you want to repay the amount needs sufficient credit. If this is not the case, the repayment will be denied. 

If you use the deposit account via elopage, you can top it up by transferring the amount. You can get the data for topping up via a request from our support department. As soon as the amount has been credited to your deposit account, you will receive an email about this and you will also see this as a transfer under "Payments" and Transfers".

If you use an external payment provider such as PayPal or Stripe, make sure you have enough credit there.

*Repayment of PayPal payments: If you have paid back a payment directly via PayPal and not via us, then you should mark the payment with us as canceled so that a cancellation credit is created for your accounting and for your customer. 

Times when no cancellations are possible

Since some downstream systems are not available on the bank side at night, no cancellation is possible between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. (CEST).

If you view the transfer details during this time, you will see a text instead of the cancellation button that informs you when a cancellation is possible again. 




What happens after a cancellation?

After the cancellation, the money will be repaid in the same way as it was received.

The customer automatically receives an email with the information about the repayment, as well as his cancellation credit (if an invoice has been created for the payment itself).

What are the costs for a repayment?

You can find out which costs are incurred or which part of the fees you have already paid back, in this article >>Costs for a Refund to Your Customer.

Where can I see the details of a partial repayment?

  • Under "Customers and Orders", you can find the order
    • with a transfer on the received payment as well as the repayment. Both have different transfer numbers
    • the invoice and the credit memo (if invoice setup was activated at the time of payment).
  • Under "Payments and Transfers", you will find the incoming payment and the repayment with the status "successful."
  • Under "Billing & Reports", you can find
    • under "Invoices" the invoice for the payment received and
    • under "Credit" memos the cancellation credit memo (if the invoice setup was activated at the time of payment) and
    • the (partial) repayment as an item on the account statement.
  • Under "My Plan" you will find the costs for the cancellation listed in the invoice and the detailed overview for the respective month.

If you click on the transaction ID of the canceled payment on the left, you will see in detail what has been refunded.

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