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Activating a bonus for publishers

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 If you have set up a multi-level affiliate program, with the bonus you can set up an extra commission for certain 1st level publishers.

The publisher receives this via the link the product is purchased and receives an additional commission. You can decide with each publisher whether the bonus is active for them or not. 

Adding a bonus to the affiliate program

To provide the bonus,

  • go to the multi-level affiliate program via "Marketing" and then "Affiliate programs"
  • right click on"…" on the edit pen and
  • enter the % number for the bonus.


Activating the bonus for publishers

There are two ways to activate the bonus for a publisher.

a) If he is already a publisher, you can activate the bonus in the overview of your publisher.

  • To do this, go to the overview of the participating or invited publishers - depending on the publisher's status.
  • Check the Bonus box to grant this publisher a bonus for future sales.


b) If you invite them by email, you can activate the bonus directly when you invite them.

  • To do this, check the Bonus box under the field with the email before you click on "Invite."


The publisher will then see the bonus directly in the invitation email.  

FAQ about the bonus

Which payments does the bonus apply to?

  • The bonus is calculated directly on the sale and applies to subscription and installment payments as well as the publisher commission for all incoming payments for this order. You can then find this in the transfer details.

Can a bonus be granted retrospectively?

  • No. The calculation takes place directly upon purchase and is no longer calculated afterwards.

What happens if I change the bonus amount afterwards?

  • Your publishers will receive information about this. The new bonus applies to new sales.

Why don't I just provide a higher commission for level 1?
The commission amounts then always apply to all level 1 publishers. Here you can determine which publishers receive this extra bonus and also deactivate this for new purchases for individual publishers, for example, if you only use them in a certain period of time.

What happens if I deactivate or activate the bonus for a publisher?

  • For new purchases, the bonus will or will not be calculated depending on the setting. Existing transfers are not affected.

Where does the publisher see which programs have a bonus?

  • In the overview of the programs, the publisher can then see each with related bonus.


When is the bonus paid out?

  • The bonus is paid out normally as part of the cashouts for the publishers.

You can find more about the cashout of commissions in the article "When are the publisher commissions paid?"  

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