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What are coupon codes?

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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Coupon codes give you the opportunity to offer various discounts on your products and pass them on to your customers. You can create the coupon codes for all, several or just a single product in your shop. 

Types of coupon codes

You can create two types of coupon codes:

  • a single one, which is then identical for all customers and
  • bulk coupon codes where each customer receives their own code.

Effectiveness of the coupon codes

You can select:

  • which products the code applies to (one product, all products, selected products)
  • how often it can be redeemed (limit)
  • the value in % or euros
  • validation date of the coupon

You can also select various criteria for crediting the code, such as:

  • on this payment or per piece / items
  • on the first or all installments in case of a subscription / Installment payment
  • also on bundles
  • and on additional fees.

If a customer enters the code, the criteria are checked. If the code is not valid for this purchase, the customer will receive a corresponding notification.



  • Regardless of whether you state your product prices in gross or net, the coupon code will always be offset against the amount to be paid. In other words, with a coupon code for a product with a net price, it will be offset against the amount paid and not against the net amount.
  • If you selected "per piece / item" and the customer selects several items from a ticket, the voucher will be applied to all tickets for this event.

How can the customer redeem the code?

There are two ways your customers can redeem the code:

  • You send the coupon code directly. Then the customer can enter it as a discount code before payment and thus reduce the price.
  • You send him the URL to the checkout page of your product in which the code is encrypted. Then the voucher will be automatically deducted during the purchase.




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