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Creating a voucher for on-site redemption

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With our product online ticket you can also create a voucher for redemption at your location, which the customer then receives according to the design you have deposited. 

Special tax regulations apply to vouchers for redemption on site (see below). You can also sell "single-purpose vouchers" as well as "multi-purpose vouchers" through us. For the multi-purpose voucher, please enter your own tax table that sets the taxes to 0.

Details on creating and managing online tickets can be found under "Creating online tickets quickly and easily."

You can find out more about voucher redemption control in the article  -> Redemption control for vouchers.

Quick start guide

  • Go to Products, click Create Product and then Online Ticket and create the voucher.

    The prefix for the voucher number is provided on the page Details. With each purchase, a new number is assigned and displayed on the voucher.
  • To do this, select "Offline" for the location and provide the location. This is relevant for tax calculation.
  • Then select "no date" if you want to select it without a fixed date.

    Gutschein_konfigurieren_ _Daten.png

Here is an example where which fields are then displayed on the checkout page.

Online Ticket_ _Beschreibungsfelder_auf_Bezahlseite.png

  • Provide the redemption conditions and validity in the "Design" step under "Conditions and Notices".

    Gutschein_ _Bedingungen_und_Hinweise.png

Preview the PDF file

If you want to preview your PDF file, save the product and go to the product overview page and click "Preview."

Online Ticket_ _Vorschau_ansehen.png

Delivery of the voucher

Your customer will receive the PDF with the voucher after purchase. Each voucher has its own voucher number. 

Redemption of the voucher

View the overview of purchased vouchers under Customers / e-Ticket Orders. Here you can also mark them as redeemed.

Notes on the product description

In order for the buyer/recipient to know how and for what he/she can redeem the voucher, the description should contain the following information:

  • detailed explanation of the services for which the voucher can be redeemed/credited. Please note the different tax implications between so-called single-purpose vouchers (standard for vouchers) and multi-purpose vouchers (see Notes below).
  • how and where the voucher can be redeemed
  • how the buyer can contact you
  • if applicable, additional conditions for the redemption of the voucher.

Tip: If you have a website with detailed information about the service, include a link to this website in the description of the voucher. 

Because: The more information a buyer has about the range of services and the seller, the easier it will be for him to decide on a purchase.

Hinweis.png Please note

Multi-purpose vouchers that can be used for any products / services

If you would like to create a multi-purpose voucher that the customer can redeem like cash at your location for all your offers, please adjust the tax configuration for the product accordingly.

Since the product and thus the tax is not fixed, no tax may be charged on the sale. At that moment, the voucher is considered cash for the customer. Only when it is clear what he is buying with it and when you create the invoice for it do you have to show the taxes.

Please check accordingly whether the tax settings for the voucher you created match or not and create a tax template for it and store it with this product.  

Offer a voucher to purchase a product in your elopage shop

Do you actually want to sell a coupon code that the customer can then use to buy a product in your elopage shop at a reduced price?

Then this product type is not the right one, because the code on this voucher is not valid as a coupon code for your elopage shop.

Then please create a product of the type "Keys/Codes."

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