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Configuring quizzes

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With the quiz function, you can decide for each course page when the quiz will be displayed to your participants. You can ask them multiple choice and free text questions.

Hinweis.png Note

The tab only appears if you do not set the page to >>Static Page changed.  


Activate quiz questions for this page?

The quiz will only be activated if you set the switch to "Yes". So you can prepare it in peace and activate it when you are finished.

Introductory text

Here you store the text that your customer sees as the introduction to the quiz after he has clicked on "Done" on the page.

Check and rate quiz answers automatically?

Here you can specify whether

  • the answers are to be checked and evaluated automatically (only works for closed questions for which you specify the answer options and store corresponding points) or
  • whether you would like to view and evaluate the answers yourself (e.g. for open questions).

If you want to use the page >>open questions, please set the switch to "No".

You will then receive the questions after answering for review and evaluation. If you only have closed questions, you can specify

  • which answer(s) are correct or not,
  • how many minus or plus points there are for the answer and
  • how many points are required to pass.

Deposit questions

The following information is required for each question:

  • the question
  • the type of question (one answer or several can be selected)
  • the possible answers
  • whether the answer is right or wrong
  • the number of points (only with automatic evaluation of the answers.)


Settings for automatic evaluation of the answers

With automatic evaluation of the quiz answers you have the following setting options:

  • Number of points required to pass. 
  • Can the participant only access the next lesson if the quiz is passed?
  • Can they repeat the quiz if they fail?
  • What information do they receive after passing or failing the quiz?


Settings for the behavior after the responses have been sent

At the end you can specify for this quiz page,

  • whether the participant only gets to the next lesson after they have passed the quiz
  • whether they can repeat the quiz if they have failed and
  • what text they see after submitting the answers.


Please do not forget the "Save" at the bottom right.

Note: The content of the lesson is not visible during the quiz. They won't reappear until the quiz has been completed.

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