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No sales release for your product

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If you click on the product link or the checkout page and you land on your shop page and not on the corresponding page of the product, then your product has not been released for sale.

Here we show you how to proceed.

The sales release

Certain requirements must be met in order for your product to be released for sale. These are automatically checked by the system and, in the reseller model, your product and its content are also checked manually. Once all settings are available and the terms are met, the sales release will be granted automatically.

Only products that have been approved for sale appear in your shop and can be bought by customers.

Check what is missing for sales release

  • Go to "Products".

There you will see the overview of your products and, if the product has been released for sale, you will see a gray symbol instead of a green check mark.

  • Move the mouse over the symbol to show you the reason why your product has not been approved for sale.
  • Correct this point.

The cause can be the configuration of the product or missing settings for registering your account.

If the cause is missing settings in your account, the note will contain a link to the respective settings area where you can make the settings.



Go to the product, click on "edit", and make the appropriate change.

  • "Complete registration"
    -> Click on the link and follow the steps to register your account.

  • "Product not publish
    -> click on the "published" button.

  • "No active tickets"
    -> you have created an eTicket with a date, but
    a) did not create a date (event) or
    b) the start date is not in the future and you have not ticked the box that allows sales during ongoing events.

  • "Sell limit reached"
    -> You have set a sales limit for your product or, with the eTicket, for a specific event and this has been reached. Also check whether you still have payments waiting for finalization for this product, as these are included.

  • "No valid pricing plan available"
    -> You have created a pricing plan that is not currently valid.
    Either remove the time limit or set up a pricing plan for the time after this date.

  • "Download file required"
    -> Your download product does not contain a download file, upload the file to be delivered in your product.

  • "No payment method activated"
    -> You have no payment method activated yet or no payment method selected for the product under "Settings" and "Payment" methods. 

  • "Set up payment account"
    -> You have no external account integrated and no active deposit account with us under "Settings" and "Payment" methods.

  • "Under review"
    -> You are in the reseller model and have submitted your product for review, the review has not yet taken place or you have not yet submitted the identification documents for your account.


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