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Inserting videos in your online course

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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tipp.png Videos are a great way to enhance your online course and convey the content! There are several ways to insert videos.

Videos to be viewed directly in the course


  • be uploaded directly to your course using our elopage video function or
  • if your video is located somewhere else, add it to the video on a video portal such as YouTube or Vimeo via a link or embed code in the text editor.

Videos that you want your customer to download

  • can be uploaded to us in the pagebuilder in the "Attachments" block (e.g. the paid conference package for your online conference)

video.png Video

Provide videos that can be viewed directly

There are different areas for embedding video links or embed codes.

Please note the current regulations of the GDPR, as data is usually passed on when a video is viewed.

a) As a preview video for your product page:

Preview videos show potential customers an insight into what awaits them there even before buying. Anyone can see this on your shop page without buying the product. Maybe you introduce yourself and your service in such a video.

Here you can see the shop page of our elopage Academy with three products with thumbnails. 
Instead of a preview image, you can also store a video as a product cover, which is either displayed immediately or only after you continue browsing.


If your customer clicks on the selected product, the preview video or videos can be viewed. With several videos, these are displayed as a gallery view and offer you a great opportunity to present your product in an appealing and convincing way.

How do you provide the preview videos?

  • For your product, go to the "Edit product page" step and then to "Cover."


  • Provide the link to the video in the field and don't forget to save to add it.

hinweis.pngPlease note

b) Videos with elopage Video

You can upload videos in your course via elopage Video. These are then stored at our partner Wistia and played back via their technology.

  • Create a video block in the pagebuilder and place it with drag and drop. 
  • Click "Edit video" and select the icon in the middle to select a video from your elopage library.

Now the video block is stored. You can do this with drag & drop to drag it to another location.

Then simply click on the editing pen to make more settings for your video.

You can find out more about this in this category >>here.

c) Provide Vimeo videos in video block in pagebuilder

If your videos are on Vimeo, you can also integrate them via the video block in the pagebuilder. This is important if you want to offer an app for your customers later.


d) External videos as a video for your online course / membership:

The videos that belong to the course page, unlike the preview videos, are only visible after the product has been purchased and paid.

To embed the video:

  • On your course page, >>provide a block of text or click on the editing pen for an existing text block.
  • On the right, click the triangle next to "Text," and then click "Edit text."

  • Provide the link or the embed code there by the camera symbol (<iframe...>).


Protection of videos

If you want to protect streaming videos, different sellers offer different options >> depending on the price. For example, Vimeo offers a paid account with which you can protect videos so that they can only be played on – i.e. only for your customers.

Playback problems

Sometimes the videos are not visible on certain devices. For example, it may happen that only one black window is displayed.

This is then due to the end device. The software that may not be installed there (e.g. no Flash player) or the browser or firewall settings.

Then ask your customers to do some research on the Internet and check or change the instructions for their setting (e.g. Chrome browser with Kaspersky firewall, Android phone).

Make videos available for download

You can also upload video that shoppers can download, but can't watch directly in the product. You can find this option at the end of the product screen.

info.png Info

Depending on the video format, the files are quite large. On the Internet you can find information about video formats and file sizes or free tools to compress or convert the videos, e.g. on

For large files, don't underestimate the time it takes to upload the files. Your customers will probably also need the time to download. For large files, it may make sense to upload them as a zip file. Whether you want to offer videos to watch or download, or both, is entirely up to you.

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