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Cancellation for seller account, plans & apps

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What notice of termination apply if I want to change my plan, cancel an app or close my seller account?

You can cancel an app or book a different package at any time.

Your seller account can be deleted if certain conditions are met (see below).

Cancel apps

You can cancel apps or book them at any time. 

Change the package

You can change the package at any time using the menu item "Apps." Just book the package that suits you.

Termination of the seller account during the test phase

You can cancel your account immediately at any time during the 14-day test phase.

But, if in that period you have already

  • switched to a paid plan or booked apps, thus ending the free test phase or
  • sold products with PayPal as a payment method,

an invoice will be issued for the costs incurred on the 1st of the following month. Please check whether you have already entered the direct debit under "My Plan."

Canceling / deleting the elopage seller account

In order not to incur any additional costs before your seller account is deleted, book one of our free Essential packages. If you have uploaded videos, delete them from the file library and then cancel the app if it is booked separately.
If you have a product of the "Membership" type, archive it and cancel the Membership app if you have booked it manually.

You can "cancel" / delete the seller account at any time using our contact form at the beginning of the next month, provided that

  • there are no more transfers / subscriptions or installment payments from your customers that are waiting for finalization
  • all costs for elopage are paid.

Since the costs for the current month are billed on the 1st of the following month, cancellation is only possible if the costs have been paid by credit card or SEPA direct debit and the status for this transfer is successful. 

You can find the following in our terms and conditions under §8. Blocking and termination of elopage user accounts:

"b. The seller is entitled to terminate the elopage license agreement at any time.
As soon as there are no more pending transfers or pending payments, the seller account is closed."

Please inform us what should happen to the data of your customers, publishers and team members and remember that this may also have to be deleted by other processors.

Preparations to be made by you

Shop and products

  • Set your shop theme to "invisible to search engines." This means that your pages and all products will no longer be displayed in the search engines as soon as the search engines have removed your pages from the index.
  • Set all products to "Not published" so that none can be bought again until the account is deleted.
  • If you have offered online courses and uploaded videos to us, delete the videos from the file library.
  • Inform your customers about this, especially if you have created memberships, online courses as lifetime or long term, as the course is then no longer available.
  • If you have recently sold download products and the link is still valid, you should make sure that your buyers have already downloaded the product or have backed up your product so that you can provide the relevant files afterwards. Downloading is no longer possible after closing your account.
  • Did you use our video app and have videos built into your products? Delete these videos in your account under "File Library" and "Videos" so that the video function can be deactivated successfully. If this deletion does not take place, costs will continue to be charged for the videos, as these are incurred as long as the videos are available from our partner Wistia.

outstanding payments / subscriptions / installment payments

  • Check under "Customers" and "Orders" whether payments are still active, e.g. for subscriptions and terminate these for your customers. If installment payments are still outstanding, do not instruct us to delete your account until you have paid in full.

Credits and your accounting records

  • Cash out your credit.
  • Download any invoices or reports you need for your accounting and taxes.
  • Check if there are any transfers waiting for finalization. If possible, these should be paid first so that your customer still receives their product.

Users & partners / Publishers

  • End your affiliate program and inform your publishers.
  • Inform your team members and joint venture partners.

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