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Selling the product via a manually created invoice

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UseCase.png Use case

Your customers don't buy through your shop / your product pages, but rather

  • arrange the purchase / your service with you, e.g. by phone or email, e.g. because the prices vary depending on the request and scope
  • buy through one of your contractual partners (publisher), who receives a commission for referring the customer.

   Step-by-step instructions

You can create a manual invoice and

  • select the previously created pricing plan
  • provide a publisher
  • provide a coupon code
  • provide the payment date and a reminder date in the event that the payment date is exceeded.

You can provide a payment term and also a date when your customer will be reminded of this if the invoice is open.



  • The "Automated Invoicing" app is included in the plan or booked and activated

Create a manual invoice:

  • Go to "Billing & Reports" and then "Invoices."
  • Click on "Create" in the upper right corner.


  • Fill out all fields and click on "Save and Send" to send the invoice. 


Your invoice will then be created and sent online immediately. The recipient can then buy and pay for the product directly from the invoice.

Overview of the fields and settings:

  • Invoice number: For the manual invoice, the next invoice number is generated which, according to the settings in the app, is due for automated invoicing.

  • Discount: Use a coupon code you have created or enter a fixed discount in euros (switch switcher to "discount").

  • Pricing plan: Select the desired pricing plan for the invoice.

  • Publisher: If the product was sold through a publisher, this can be selected. Your publishers can also create and send invoices in your name and design.

  • Buyer: Provide all the data of the buyer necessary for a proper invoice such as name, company, address, if applicable, tax number / VAT ID.

  • Payment term: Specifies the date for the payment term. Please note that payments in advance require a lead time of 3-5 days.

  • Payment reminder: Enter the number of days after the payment target that a reminder email should be sent.

  • Send invoice: Send the invoice to the buyer by email.

Please note: In addition to the invoices you have created manually, you will also find the invoices for purchases made via "Purchase on account", if you have activated this payment method. When purchasing on account, however, the customer receives immediate access to the product - in contrast to a manually created invoice.

Delivery of the product

The product will only be delivered after receipt of payment.

Sending the invoice to the customer

The invoice will be sent to your customer automatically by email. On the checkout page, they will only see the price you selected in the invoice. 

Your customer can then purchase your product directly from this invoice. The product, pricing plan, coupon code, publisher and his data are then already filled in (according to the information on your invoice).

All he has to do is select the payment method and pay for the product.

Viewing the invoice details

In your seller account you can view the invoices you or your publishers have created and the payment status of each invoice.

You can also:

  • download
  • change buyer details
  • send new or
  • cancel.

Payment of the invoice by the customer

The customer can pay the invoice from the mail or directly from the invoice.

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