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Creating a single-stage affiliate program

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 Create the affiliate program

  • Click on "Marketing" and then "Partner programs".
  • Click on "Create" in the upper right corner.


Configure the affiliate program

Configure your affiliate program.

Important: By default it will be:

  • cookie-based and not created for lifetime
  • with a publisher landing page and
  • the commission amount refers to your earnings minus taxes and fees and Joint venture commissions.

You can change this preset in the advanced settings.

Since you can no longer make the setting lifetime commission if the program is already in use (a publisher has registered for it), it is best to decide about it when you create it.


  • Name

    Give the program a meaningful name. The name will then also be seen by your publishers who want to select the advertising media such as links or similar in their account.

  • Cookies expire after
    Save after how many days the cookies expire.
  • Products
    Define which products your program applies to.

  • Commission
    Enter the commission as a percentage.
    If the program applies to all products, the commission is the same for all products.
    If the program only applies to some products, you can save a different commission for each product if necessary.

  • Lifetime commission?
    Set your program to Lifetime Commission if a publisher should receive the commission for all additional purchases made by the referred customer. This deactivates the assignment via cookies. The customer is permanently connected to the publisher via his email address.

  • Publisher commission from the gross amount?
    By default, the commission is calculated from the purchase price. But you can also calculate it from your earnings, so that you share the costs with the publisher.

Advanced settings

You can make advanced settings here:


  • Landing page
    If you don't want to create an affiliate landing page through us, turn the switcher to the left to deactivate it. On this landing page, your publishers can find out more about the program and can register.

  • Forward affiliate visitors
    If the users who click on the publisher link are not to go to the elopage page selected by the publisher, but to a special landing page of yours, you can use a separate URL here to which you want the customers to be forwarded to.

If you do not enter anything, you will be taken to the page that the publisher specified when selecting the link (shop, product or checkout page).

You can also save a redirect page for the product. This then takes place before the setting in your affiliate program and only applies if the publisher link goes to the product and checkout page.
So you can control where the customers go when they click on the link.

Overview of your affiliate programs

After saving, you will find the program in the overview and you can also see here which selection you have made. In this example "Some products."

You can also change the affiliate program at any time by clicking on "edit" on the right.

If you change the conditions, although publishers have already accepted the program, they will automatically receive an email about the change in the conditions.


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