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Inviting team members

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Do you want to give employees or partners access to areas of your account, e.g.

  • give your accountant access to all of your customers' invoices – > example, user rights for accounting
  • give your web designer access to views for technical administration or > example user rights for web designers
  • give a partner with whom you create the product together access to the editing mode of a product or
  • give a support agent access to the management of orders and accesses?

Then this is possible with the "Team Member" function. This feature is already included in the Essential 3.0 package.


  • Each team member gets their own access with the rights you define and only has access to the views you unlock.
  • Thus, in case of doubt, it is possible internally to trace who initiated a change or a repayment (request via our support necessary).
  • If you want a team member to receive a commission for each sale of a certain product, then you also need the team member feature as the basis for the JoinVenture function.

Inviting users

  • Click on "Settings," "Users & partners."
  • Click on "Invite users."


  • Select one of the previously created roles.
  • Define which existing products the user can edit.
  • Then click on "Create."

Once you have submitted the form, the invitee will receive an email and can accept or decline your invitation. Once they have responded to the invitation, you will receive an email.

Once they have accepted the invitation, you can make additional settings for users who are joint venture partners via the details.

Please note

If your new user already has their own account with elopage and you use the same data with which the user is already registered for the invitation, he/she can conveniently switch back and forth between the two account types without having to log in again.


If you give your team member access to customer data, you should clarify whether

  • you must include this in your privacy policy in accordance with the GDPR.
  • a data processing agreement with the partner is necessary and
  • if required, you need to conclude a confidentiality agreement with your partner.

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