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Inviting team members

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tip.png Do you want your team members to join your seller account? Here, we'll explain how you invite your team members and assign the previously set up user roles. Your team members will receive an invitation email and be granted access to your seller account upon accepting. If you haven't created a user role yet, please go to >>Creating user roles & assigning rights.

note.png Please note

When giving team members access to customer data, please consider that you may have to list users in your >>privacy policy and, if applicable, conclude a processing and/or confidentiality agreement with them.


step_guide.png Step-by-step guide 

Inviting a new user

  • In the main menu of your account, go to "Settings" and "Users and partners".
  • Click on "Invite user".


  • Enter your team member's name and email address.
  • Choose a >>user role, e.g. virtual assistant
  • Limit access to one or a selection of products (optional).
  • Click on "Create".


  • Your team member receives an email invitation. Until they have accepted, their status in your seller account is "Invited". 


  • Once they have accepted, their status changes to "Active".


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