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Inviting joint venture partners and providing commission

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If you have a partner who receives a commission from your net earnings for every product sale regardless of how the sale was made then this is done via the joint venture feature. 

This feature is available to you if you have booked the "Joint venture partnerships" app or if the app is included in your package.

Schritt-fu_r-Schritt-Anleitung.png   Step by step instructions

  • Click on "Settings" and "Users & partners" and the "JV commissions" tab.
  • Click on "Create" in the upper right corner.
  • Select the previously provided user. They must first have accepted your invitation before you can provide them as a joint venture partner.

    If you want your partner to have permissions for individual areas of your account (this then applies to all data in this view and not just to the products for which they receive commission), and only if this is the case, you should give them the corresponding permissions. Otherwise, create the role without additional permissions.

  • Select the product(s) and provide the commission.


  • If you would like a partner to also receive a commission for other products that they or you create without you having to provide the products afterwards, you can activate this under "Future JV commissions". Then they will automatically receive the commission provided here for all of the products created later as well.


You can provide several partners per product. The total commission for a product for all partners combined is limited to 99%.

Wichtig_.png  Important! 

Please inform your partners about:

  • The commission and, if applicable, the basis for the calculation.
  • How they access their team account and how the cashout works.

If you change the commission, inform your partners about it as well.

This help center also has a section for publishers and team members. You are welcome to use the links to our help articles to enable your partners to familiarize themselves with how things work. 

Which emails do your partners receive?

Your partners will receive an email once you have invited them. This email is rather general and contains no information about:

  • Why you have invited them and what their responsibilities are,
  • what permissions they have or
  • how high their commission will be per product.

Once a product for which they receive commission has been purchased, they will receive an email about the successful sale and the amount of commission received.

If you change the commission at a later date, please inform your partner about this.

Calculating the commission

The commission is calculated from the respective net amount that you receive, i.e. the total amount minus:

  • Taxes (which may vary depending on the product and payer country)
  • the fees for elopage
  • the publisher commission.

When does their commission apply?

The commission is relevant to all purchases that are made:

  • After the partner has accepted the invitation to become a team member and
  • you have provided and saved the commission.

If you change the commission amount later, the change will apply to all subsequent purchases.

If you delete the commission, it will also apply to all subsequent purchases. 

How is the commission cashed out?

We will cash out the commission to the joint venture partner's bank account. This takes place on the 15th of each month for the relevant sales of the previous month. 

More information on taxation and cash-outs can be found here. 

How can the partner view the payments? 

You can find out more about this in the article "Viewing sales figures for joint venture partner".

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