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Editing details for team members

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If you have invited someone as a team member, you can assign additional rights. Which rights are possible depends on the features of your booked package.

Assign rights

  • Click on "Settings" / "Users & partners."

Here you can see who you've already invited and what their status is.

Important! Team members can always create any new products for you. You can assign or revoke additional rights individually.

You can make the following settings here or on the detail page:

  • Allowed to publish products

For joint venture partners (if the JointVenture app is included in your package)

  • May edit certain existing products 
  • Make into a joint venture partner 
  • Receives participation as a joint venture partner 
  • May no longer edit certain existing products
  • No longer receives commission on sales of certain products 

Publish products:

In the overview you can provide or withdraw the right to publish products. Please note that as a seller you have to make certain settings on the product yourself, as the rights essentially relate to content.

Edit existing products:

  • Go to "Users & Partners" / "Users"
  • Select the user
  • Provide the products that he should edit.


Important: This only works if the right for the "Products" view is stored in the role of the user. 

Make into a joint venture partner

If you want your team member to become a joint venture partner retroactively:

  • Click on "Create" under "JV shares."


  • Select the user
  • Click on the products for which he should receive commission and provide the percentages


  • Click on "Update" 

Provide/change participation for joint venture partners retroactively

  • Click on the "Joint Venture" tab
  • Select the user and right click on ... and the editing pen.

  • Select the products for which he should receive a participation and provide the percentage.


  • Click on "Update"

Maximum amount of participation per product with the joint venture partner:*

For all participations in total for a product you can adjust a maximum of 99%. 

If only one joint venture partner is involved, this can receive a maximum of 99% commission.

If you have several, you can divide the 99% among these as you wish.

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