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Creating coupon codes automatically via Zapier

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With >>Zapier, you have various automation options. You can have a coupon code automatically created in elopage in response to a certain trigger, such as:

  • A product being purchased from your elopage shop
  • A new customer registering for your email list
  • A task for sending a coupon code being created in your To do list, Trello or Wunderlist.

 Connecting Zapier with elopage

If you have not yet connected elopage to Zapier, you can find out how to do this in the article "Connect other applications via Zapier". 

Setting up coupon code creation in Zapier

1. Define the trigger

The first step is to define the trigger, select the relevant app and then configure the trigger.

In this example, the trigger is a specific product being purchased via elopage.


2. Define the action

Next, under "Actions", you define what should happen in response to the trigger.


  • Select the elopage app and then "Create Coupon".


Then, you configure the action. Provide the data for the coupon code. 

For example, you can:

  • Encode the name, e.g. with the payer data (first name, last name and another piece of information)
  • Define the validity of the code (e.g. 48 hours or a fixed end date).

The coupon code is then created directly in elopage.

In this example:

  • The coupon name is lead campaign. 
  • The coupon code, which the customer can use when making a purchase, consists of the first and last name and always ends with "campaign".
  • A 30% discount is given.
  • The code is valid for 48 hours from the time of purchase.
  • The code is valid for the product "audio book "Travel Stories".Couponcode_definieren.png

Immediately after purchase, the coupon code is created in your elopage account and is given the limit of "1". This means that it can only be used once.


 3. Use the coupon code

You can then use Zapier to define other actions for your coupon code, e.g.:

  • Having information about redeemed coupon codes (e.g. with customer data, campaign ID). transferred to Google Sheets.
  • Having information about coupon codes sent to you via email.
  • Adding tags to customer data (e.g. using our >>email interface).

The possibilities are endless. 

Please tell us about your use cases so that others can benefit from them too! 

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