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Process of funnel purchases

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With the sales funnel, your customers are offered additional products after purchasing the first product, depending on whether they buy the additional offer or not.

If the customers reject the offer, they will be forwarded directly to the page that they receive with the individual purchase, i.e. the thank you page or, in the case of prepayment, the page with the payment details.

If the customers accept the offer, the purchase is triggered immediately without them 

  • having to enter their buyer data again or
  • having to select the payment method again.

Depending on the payment method chosen for the product purchased first, the next step is different.

After payment has been made, the customers are then shown all purchased products with the download links on the elopage thank you page. If an online course is included, they will receive the link to create a password or log in via the purchase confirmation email.


Since the funnel is a OneClick upsell, all purchases in the funnel are paid for with the same payment method as the one selected for the first purchase. It does not matter which payment method you have activated for the other products and their pricing plan.

Product 1 has credit card, instant transfer and PayPal as payment methods.

Product 2 only has PayPal as a payment method (if it is purchased outside the funnel).

If the customers buy product 1 with a credit card and then purchases product 2 in the funnel, this is also paid for with a credit card.

Purchase confirmation email

Your customers will receive a separate email and invoice for every purchase (i.e. the first and the additional offer from the one-click upsell) (provided that automated invoicing is activated).

You cannot configure the email itself.

Here is an example for the email:

The name of the upsell you assigned appears as the product name. 
The email contains the button to create a password or login if a course has been sold and the link to the download page for download products and the invoice.



In your transfer overview, you will see a transfer for every purchase.

Process for the individual payment methods

Credit card:

  • Payment is made by credit card without any additional entries or clicks.
  • This means that the payment has the status "successful" and the customers are redirected to the thank you page and receive the purchase confirmation email for each purchase (1st purchase and the one-click upsell).

SEPA direct debit (only for customers of power sellers):

  • Without additional inputs or clicks, another SEPA mandate is created and the debit is provided for both purchases.
  • They will be forwarded to the thank you page with the information about the SEPA mandate and the expected debit.


  • The customers are redirected to PayPal again, logs in and pay the one-click upsell separately.
  • After the successful payment, They are forwarded to the thank you page and receive the purchase confirmation email for each purchase (1st purchase and the one-click upsell from the funnel).

Immediate transfer: 

  • The customers are redirected to again, logs into their bank's online banking and pay for the one-click upsell separately.
  • After the successful payment, they are forwarded to the thank you page and receive the purchase confirmation email for each purchase (1st purchase and the one-click upsell from the funnel).

Payment in advance: 

The process is a little different here.

  • After buying the first product, they will be redirected to the upsell page (without the product having already been paid for).
  • If they accept the offer, they then see the page with the payment details for BOTH purchases, i.e. the first product AND the product from the funnel with the two transaction numbers.

Thank you page

Here is an example of the elopage thank you page for the products purchased.

The products from the funnel are displayed at the top. 


The first product purchased will then be displayed. In our example an eBook with a download link and invoice.


The invoice

Your customer receives a separate invoice for each product purchased.

Application of a coupon code 

If a coupon code was given when purchasing the 1st product, it will only be used for the 1st product and not for other products, unless you have NOT activated the coupon code for bundles and funnels.

If you indicated below that the coupon code is valid for bundles and funnels, it will automatically apply to all products that were purchased through the funnel.

Impact of the funnel on the integrations used:


Since two transfers are created, two triggers will also trip on Zapier.

The trigger for the funnel also contains the following information:

  • Upsell -> Upsell ID
  • Upsell -> Name of upsell
  • Upsell -> Product names of the products purchased


Since a separate API key must be created for each product with KlickTipp, please create an API key for each product with KlickTipp

  • for the first product that is bought (without upsell) and
  • for every product you add in the funnel.

Create a different tag for each product and then provide the API key directly in the product.

For example, if 3 products were purchased (2 of them in the funnel), we will send the respective tag to KlickTipp for all three products. 

Active  Campaign:

We will send the buyer's email with the following information:

  • Name of the main product
  • Product price of the main product
  • Name of the funnel
  • the products contained in the funnel
  • Price for the funnel

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