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Resending a download link

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Your customer has purchased a product that they can download from the elopage thank you page.

If the link has expired, you can >>extend it, so that it is automatically sent to the customer by email.

The link is still valid, but the customer has deleted the email and you want to resend the link? No problem!

View download link

  • Go to "Orders" under "Customers" and search for the purchase
  • Click on the order ID to view the order details.


  • Copy out the download link and send it to the customer.


Redirecting to your own thank you page

If you have stored a >>Redirect to your own thank you page, this link leads to your thank you page and not to the elopage thank you page from which the customer can download the product. 

In this case, please add the parameter "?success_url=skip" to the URL of the download link before forwarding it to the customer (please copy the text between the "..." and append it to the URL).

The link from the example above would look like this: /s/DeineWebsite/payment/A4iuJksafzpEdxyBUsYd?success_url=skip

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