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Setting up an instant transfer

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Setting up an instant transfer

You can use the Sofort payment method via elopage LITE and elopage PLUS.

When can I offer instant transfer?

elopage LITE: Once you have legitimized a deposit account on the basis of your uploaded records.

elopage PLUS: As soon as your deposit account has been set up. Here we check whether your business area is approved and then set up your electronic deposit account.

As soon as the payment method is available, it is automatically stored for all products that have already been created. You can also deactivate this for each pricing plan if you do not want to offer the payment method or do not want to offer it for all products.

Important information

With instant transfer, the customer is forwarded to their online banking by Klarna (the seller of the instant transfer).

  • Payment at elopage LITE is based on a French IBAN, as payments are made via our banking partner Lemonway from France. If online banking is not activated for online payments to France, the bank will reject the payment.

    Therefore, we also show the customer a corresponding note when selecting the instant transfer.

    If you try to pay anyway, you will see an order that has not been paid and a waiting for finalization or expired transfer in your dashboard.

  • The payment is monitored by Sofort by reading the screen and waiting for the payment to be confirmed by the bank after the TAN has been successfully entered. As soon as the confirmation is recognized by Klarna, we receive a message that the payment has been made. The payment is then a normal transfer for which we receive the technical confirmation and deliver the product.

    If it takes too long to enter the TAN, or if the customer saves the payment as a draft and only sends it later, this payment will not be processed as an instant transfer, i.e. the payment is waiting for finalization for you or is expired later on.

    In that case we need the payment receipt and send it to our banking partner who receives the money for the purpose of transferring it back. Only a repayment is possible here, as the account can only be used for instant transfers and this procedure is subject to strict requirements.

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