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Coupon code not valid, possible causes of errors

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You have created a coupon code and would like to test it, but you receive the message "Coupon code not found or valid."

Possible error causes

  • Error in the coupon code

    Check whether there is, for example, a space after or in front of it (when entering on the checkout page or in the coupon code itself).

  • Limit

    The limit has been reached. Please see which limit is set. For example, if you have entered 0 or if it has already been used so often that the limit has been reached, it is no longer valid. Change the limit to be able to test again with the coupon code.

  • Product and pricing plan

    If you have limited the code to one product and then also to a pricing plan and the customer chooses another product or another pricing plan, the code is not valid.

  • Validity period

    Check the validity period. If the start is in the future or the end is in the past, the code is not valid.

    If you are sitting in a different time zone during testing, also pay attention to the time and the time zone stored.




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