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Achtung, neue Menüstruktur! Um die Navigation zu vereinfachen, ist dein elopage-Account jetzt etwas anders strukturiert. Die Funktionen bleiben aber die gleichen. Wir werden den Hilfebereich anpassen und die Screenshots erneuern. Bei Fragen hilft unser Support gerne weiter.
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Submitting support requests

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You will find help on how to use elopage

If you have any additional questions about using elopage, please contact us using our support form in the help center at the top right.

The inquiry lands directly with our support heroes and can be prioritized and passed on to the appropriate team for an answer.

As soon as the inquiry has been received, you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt and an "inquiry number."

Submitting your inquiry using the support form

  • Select the account type for which you are creating an inquiry (seller, team member...) or whether you are creating an inquiry as a prospect.


  • Enter your email address of your account and your name here.

  • Enter a speaking subject for the subject of your inquiry. We see this first in the overview.

    In addition, our help system suggests helpful articles directly, so that they may help you to the extent that no inquiry is necessary. If the suggested help articles do not help you, keep filling out the form.

  • State the reason for your inquiry. Depending on the reason, we will show you other fields that help us to better prioritize your inquiry or to pass it on to the right team.

  • Describe your inquiry as clearly as possible. You can find tips on how to do this in the next section. This helps us to answer your inquiry as quickly and specifically as possible. The more general your inquiry, the more general the answer. So if there are questions about specific cases (payments, customers, products), always include data about it.

  • Enter the criticality of your inquiry. In this way you helps us and others in going through the inquiries in the correct order.

  • Then confirm that we will save your data in our support application from the seller Zendesk.

  • For more complex questions, attach files with screenshots, etc., which will help us to quickly grasp the content of your inquiry.

Tips for good support inquiries

The better your support inquiry, the faster it can be viewed, assigned to a colleague and processed.

  • If you have several questions in one inquiry, it is best to number them. This allows us to see more quickly what it is about (as opposed to unformatted running text) and it also makes it easier for you to read our answers to the individual points.

  • If it is about a product you have created, please tell us which product it is about. If it is about a specific customer, please give us the transfer number or his email address. Otherwise we can only answer generally, and not for that case specifically.

  • If it concerns a certain behavior of our application, for example because you cannot save something and receive an error message, it is best to send us a screenshot of the page / report. If it is a little more difficult to explain, a video will also help us. You can create this with a tool such as "Monosnap" or "Loom" and send us the link. 

I have not received a confirmation of receipt with a ticket number

If you have not received a confirmation of receipt, this can be due to the following reasons:

  • You submitted the request using the support form and made a mistake in the email address. Send us the inquiry again with the correct email address.

  • The confirmation of receipt has been classified as spam or advertising by your email provider. Please check your spam folder.

  • You sent the inquiry to us by email or responded to a system email from us and our email provider has classified your message as spam or advertising. We look through the spam and advertising folder regularly and then forward real emails to our support system. In other words, you will then receive the confirmation of receipt with a delay.

    If you haven't received a confirmation of receipt after two days, please contact us again using the support form. Here the inquiry is created directly in our support system so that no spam filter can prevent your message from being received.

Wichtig_-_Icon.png    Important! 

If you inquire from an email address that is unknown to us, we will not answer any questions about transfers or customers for reasons of data protection, but only give general answers or ask you to send the inquiry from the email address we know.

If you work with a team, you should create a user and give them access to your account and you should not pass on your login data, since it is not permitted according to the terms and conditions you have accepted.

In the case of orders from third-party email addresses, we will send another inquiry. You certainly do not want a customer to simply send a cancellation order for themselves and enter your email address.

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