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Setting the net price

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Would you like the basis for calculating the price to be paid to always be the net price, so that - regardless of whether and which VAT is due - you always have to pay at least the net price by the customer?

Then you can use the "Net" switcher for the respective pricing plan.

Important: The setting of the calculation base does not affect whether your customer has to pay VAT or not. The calculation of whether VAT is due and what percentage is controlled via the tax template is stored with the product.

Activating the net price as the basis for calculation

When you create your pricing plan, you can decide whether the price you have entered is the net or gross price.

This affects the price calculation and the display of the price on your shop page. 

If the prices on

  • the shop page
  • the product page and
  • the badges that you have provided from us on your landing page

are displayed as net prices, you can provide this with the respective pricing plan for

  • your product or
  • your upsell pages in the funnel. 

Setting net prices as the basis for calculation

Provide net prices in the product:

  • View your product.
  • Edit the pricing plan(s).
  • Set the switcher for "Prices in net" to the right.
  • Save the plan and product.


To see the effect, you can view your "shop" and then go to "product" and "checkout page" once and, for example, select different countries on the checkout page and see how this affects the price.

Provide net prices for the funnel:

  • Go to "Templates" and then "Funnels".
  • Go to your funnel and then go to the respective upsell pages.
  • Go to Payment Options and edit your pricing plan.
  • Set the switcher for "Prices in net" to the right.
  • Save the pricing plan and upsell page.


The price calculation for the products purchased via this upsell page is then based on the net price.

Important for coupon codes with a set amount:
Regardless of whether you state your product prices in gross or net, the coupon code will always be offset against the amount to be paid. In other words, with a coupon code for a product with a net price, it will be offset against the amount to be paid before deduction of the coupon code and not against the net amount.

If your products are aimed exclusively at companies (B2B), you can configure your checkout page in addition to the "Net" setting so that only the purchase form for companies is displayed for paid products. 

Effect of setting net prices

Due to the different tax treatment depending on the type of buyer and the country in which the service is provided, your net income (at gross prices) has always been different so far.

If you save the price as a net price, this is always the amount that you receive as income (minus costs and commissions). The gross price may vary for this.

Example of electronic services such as digital products or online courses with gross or net prices.

Seller from Germany, net price = EUR 100

Customer type country net taxes total
Private customer Germany EUR 100 EUR 19 EUR 119
Private customer France EUR 100 EUR 20 EUR 120
Private customer outside of the EU EUR 100 - EUR 100
Entrepreneur Germany EUR 100 EUR 19 EUR 119
Entrepreneur France EUR 100 - EUR 100

Seller from Germany, gross price = EUR 100

Customer type Country Net Taxes Total
Private customer Germany EUR 84.03 EUR 15.97 EUR 100
Private customer France EUR 83.33 EUR 16.67 EUR 100
Private customer Outside the EU EUR 100 - EUR 100
Entrepreneur Germany EUR 84.03 EUR 15.97 EUR 100
Entrepreneur France EUR 100 - EUR 100



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