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Providing a cash-out account

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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tipp.png You can arrange the cash out of earnings on your integrated elopage LITE and PLUS payment accounts as well as your >>Stripe account yourself.

To do this, you must first provide your cash-out account in your seller profile. Once your bank account has also been authenticated for elopage LITE and/or PLUS, you can provide your cash-out account for checking. If it passes the checks, your bank account will be activated and you can authorize your >>cash-out with elopage LITE and >>PLUS.

1. Providing a bank account

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Settings" and "Profile".
  • Click on "Manage bank accounts" in the "Bank accounts" section and then click on "Add."


  • Provide the account holder, IBAN and BIC of your cash-out account as well as official proof of account ownership.


The proof must contain the name of the account holder.

Wichtig_.png Important

The account holder must match the name given in the legal notice. If you have entered the name of your company here, the cash-out account must be your company's business account.

  • IBAN (not account number and bank code).
  • Bank logo.

2. register account for payment service and currency

In the next step, select the payment service provider for which you want to use the bank account as a cashout account.

  • Click on the "+" symbol named "Add payment service" in the center right corner.
  • Select a provider under "Add payment service".
  • Select the payment service provider and currency.
  • Done! If the linking was successful, a message will appear in the upper right corner.

info.png Info

By default, only Euro is set as currency. You can add more currencies for elopage PLUS under "Settings" and "Payment methods".
If you register your bank account for elopage CONNECT, you will only see the currencies that your bank account supports.

Hinweis.png Please note

You can upload files in .jpg, .png or .pdf format up to 4 MB. If your file is larger, please reduce its size before uploading it.

Important information about online banks

If you hold your cash-out account at an online bank that does not have physical premises (e.g. N26, Kontist, Holvi, NetBank), we need an additional identification document, e.g. identity card, passport or driver's license, to authenticate your account with our partner bank. The important thing here is that it is not the same document that you provided to authenticate your cash-out account. Please merge the proof of account ownership and your identification document in a single file and upload it.

Activating the bank account for elopage LITE

Due to current laws such as the German Money Laundering Act, the German Banking Act and the German Regulation on the Transfer of Funds, the activation of your cash-out account is subject to specific requirements and must be checked by our banking partner.

On a daily basis, elopage pre checks your uploaded documents and then forwards them to the banking partner. The authentication status is then "In review." 

Once our banking partner has completed their checks, your cash-out account will be given the status "Activated" or "Deactivated." If the account has been deactivated by our banking partner, we will check the cause and contact you via email.

Changing the cash-out account

If you change the bank account for cash outs at a later date, our banking partner must check this too. 

Initiating cash out of your earnings

If your cash-out account has been successfully activated, you can initiate your >>cash out with elopage LITE and >>PLUS.

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