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Overview: affiliate programs

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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If you set up an affiliate or partner program for your products, your partners (publishers) can advertise them and receive the commission you set for them. 

Configuration of your affiliate program

In your affiliate program, you determine the following:

  • Type of program
  • Commission amount in % and, if applicable, the bonus (multi-level affiliate program)
  • Cookie runtime
  • Products included
  • Basis for the commission calculation

Affiliate program type

You can create two types of affiliate programs

A purely cookie-based program

Here the publisher receives the commission if a customer

  • buys a product from your program
  • while "their" cookie
  • is valid on the device (PC, smartphone, tablet) on which the purchase is made.

The cookie is set via the link distributed by the publisher and contains the program ID of your program and the publisher ID.

For example, if a customer buys 3 products from you within the cookie term while the cookie is available and valid on the device, and 2 of these products are included in your program, the commission for the two products will be assigned to him.

There can only ever be one cookie for the same program on the end device. If a user later clicks on a publisher link from another publisher who is for the same program, the cookie is overwritten (Last cookie wins). The commission for additional purchases is then assigned to this publisher.

Lifetime program

If you select the setting "Lifetime" when creating the program, the cookie will also be set when you click on a publisher link.

If the customer has made a purchase, he is firmly associated with the publisher via his email address on which the first purchase is made. If he later buys other products from you that are included in this program, these will always be assigned to the first publisher - for life.

Two types of affiliate programs

You can offer two different types of affiliate programs:

  • A single-stage affiliate program in which only the partner receives a commission via their link / cookie that the customer made a purchase.

  • A multi-level affiliate program in which you can define a commission for up to 5 levels.

    Anyone whose publisher link is the basis for the purchase will receive the level 1 commission. The publisher who referred them benefits from the level 2 commission and so on. 

Basis for calculating the commission

 You can specify whether the commission you specified in % refers to the

  • paid purchase price (setting gross amount = Yes, default setting) amount or 
  • your earnings after deducting costs (setting gross amount = no).

In this case, the gross amount does not mean the tax gross, but the respective purchase price. For some products, for example, entrepreneurs from the EU who have entered a valid VAT ID do not pay any VAT, as the reverse charge procedure applies here.

For gross amount = No, you share the costs with your publisher and his commission is correspondingly lower.

In the program you will also find a simple commission calculator with which you can calculate the publisher's commission depending on the product and buyer country. This only offers a rough guide that you can use to determine the amount of commission.

Inviting / advertising affiliate partners (publishers)

You can invite / advertise your affiliate partners in three ways

  • Invitation by email
  • via a publisher landing page
  • via a form that you have integrated on your website.

The invitation takes place directly from the program, while you can also be active outside of elopage with the other two channels. You can use the link or the form in marketing (e.g. emails to potential partners or customers, advertising in your purchase confirmation email or in the online course, on your website, etc.).

In order to advertise your products, your partners need a publisher account with elopage. When the publisher account is opened, the publishers enter into a contract with elopage, the content of which is regulated in the terms and conditions for publishers.

If you join your affiliate program, we will calculate the commission for the sales made through this publisher based on your settings and we will collect this from you.

Your publishers will receive a credit memo from us on the 15th of the following month. The amount depends on their tax settings. For publishers who are not themselves liable for sales tax, elopage pays VAT on the amount you provide, so that the publisher receives the commission minus VAT.

Support for your publishers

For your publishers, we have

  • our own helpcenter to which you are welcome to link
  • a start video directly in your elopage publisher account
  • a starting email with a video showing how you can use the tracking links
  • statistics for the success of your advertising campaigns.

For payments made on the 15th of the following month, it is important that the publisher profile is completely filled out with your data for the invoice and cashout.

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