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Provide custom intervals or dates and prices per installment

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If you provide a pricing plan for an installment payment or a limited subscription, you can by default provide the

  • price and
  • the interval


  • the first installment, and
  • all subsequent installments.

With the option "custom intervals," you can provide a different price for each installment and a different interval for the due date of the next installment.

When paying in installments, you can even set the exact date for each installment and decide when the product will be delivered. So you can use this for a course / membership with a fixed start date for all participants and also for a presale.

Please note that an installment is only paid if the transfer is set to "successful."

With SEPA direct debits and PayPal Rest, there are special features that mean that the installment is not immediately provided as successful and the product is not delivered. If you set "instant access" in the pricing plan, we will also deliver if the status of the transfer is "waiting for payment."

Providing custom intervals and prices

  • Create the pricing plan for the multiple payment
  • Move the switcher to the right for "custom intervals"
  • Define the number of installments
  • Provide a price for each installment and the interval for the next installment
  • Save the pricing plan via "Save plan"
  • Save the product at the bottom right


Provide custom dates for the installments

When paying in installments, you have even more setting options.

Specific date

Here you can provide a custom date for each installment (including the 1st installment) when the installment is due.


  • The payment options "PayLater / purchase on account" and "Prepayment / Bank wire" are not supported for this setting.
  • The product access will be granted on the future date if the transfer is successful. This also means that there may be delays with SEPA / PayPal, as processing by the corresponding service providers can take several days. In this case, if your customers should also have access without delays on this future date, then additionally activate the options "Instant access with SEPA / PayPal."
  • The validity of the pricing plan must then be limited and the end date can be at most the day before the due date of the installment. This option is automatically activated and cannot be switched off.
    If you still want to sell the product after the 1st payment date, create a new pricing plan that is valid from then on.

Ratenzahlung_ _bestimmtes_Datum.png

First payment on the day of the order

If the 1st installment should be due dynamically at the time of purchase and you only want to provide the due date uniformly from installment 2, use this feature.
You cannot then provide a date for "Date 1."

Your customer will receive the product directly after successful payment or, in the case of instant access for SEPA and PayPal, directly on the day of the order.


Instant access from order date

If the 1st installment is due later, but you want to deliver the product when ordering, activate the switcher "Instant access from order date."
Your customer will then receive instant access without paying.


This makes sense, for example, for memberships or online courses with a fixed start date if your customers should find their way around there and you offer information in advance such as a welcome or preparation video or download files that are necessary before the start.

Please do not confuse this with the instant access setting for PayPal or SEPA direct debit. Instant access for PayPal and SEPA is relevant if there is already a transfer in the status "waiting for payment." If you have deposited "Instant access from order date" and the 1st installment is only due in the future, there is no transfer in the status "waiting for receipt of payment," as this is only created at the due date. In this case, product access is actually granted directly on the order date. If you have only chosen a specific date for the future, then product access will be granted on that date upon successful transfer. If you then additionally select the option "Instant access with SEPA / PayPal," this is also the case with these payments and your customers will have access to the product on this future date.

Important when selecting intervals

You should not provide any intervals of less than 1 week - especially not for online courses and for payment methods that are not automatically debited.

If you choose such a short interval, we will show you a corresponding warning under the pricing plan. If you still decide to use it, please check the outstanding payments regularly.Intervall_unter_einer_Woche.png

Availability of this option

  • You can also provide these settings in the pricing plan for funnels.
  • You can also select a pricing plan with this option for the manual invoice.
  • The payment options "PayLater / purchase on account" and "Prepayment / Bank wire" are not supported for the "Specific date" setting.
  • A combination with "trial period" OR "fixed due date" is not possible. Note, however, that you can also define free access to the product before the first payment through the "Specific date" option.

Use cases

Here >> Use Case: Use installment payments with later payment dates you will find a few ideas on what you can implement with it.

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