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Providing a fixed due date for payments

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With the fixed due date, you can ensure that all payments for this pricing plan are due on a certain date. You can set this for all payment types, including the one-time payment.

In the case of subscription and installment payments, this is then the basis for the additional installments.

The dates 1st / 7th / 14th / 21st or 28th of a month are available for selection.


  • For installment payments, the invoice is created immediately. For the other options, the invoice is created only when the first payment has been made.
  • A combination with the trial period is not possible. 
  • Decide whether the delivery will take place immediately or only after receipt of the 1st payment.

Determining a fixed due date

  • Move the switcher to the right for "fixed due date."
  • Select the due date.
  • Choose whether the product should be delivered immediately or only after successful payment. If you do not want your product to be delivered immediately and you offer SEPA direct debit and PayPal payments, please check whether you want to activate "instant access." This is then relevant on the 1st due date.
  • Provide the price.
  • Save the pricing plan using the "Save plan" button.
  • Save the change to the checkout page using the "Save" button.

Fixer_Fa_lligkeitstag_ _Sofortigen_Zugang_aktivieren.png

Important for payments by credit card!

Due to the 3D Secure procedure, which is mandatory in the EU for credit card payments, the customer cannot enter his credit card data at the time of purchase, because for initial payments the 3DS procedure is almost always controlled by the customer's bank, so that he must enter a special PIN to the credit card data to authorize the payment. Therefore, the 1st installment cannot be automatically charged by us later.
It is best to include a note about this and the link to the payment manage page in your purchase confirmation email and inform the customer that, for credit card payments, it is best to use the link in your email to make the payment the day before the due date.

FAQ on the fixed due date

How does this affect follow-up installments?

The subsequent installments are then also due on this day as, for example, always on the 1st of a month. If the customer has chosen a payment method with automatic debiting, we will debit on this day.

If the payment is to be made manually, he receives an email with the payment link or, in the case of online courses, can make the payment directly from the account.

Important: The email with the payment link is currently only sent if there is more than 1 week between the purchase and the 1st due date.

We therefore recommend using the option only for credit card payments and SEPA direct debits (only available for sellers in the reseller model).

If other payment methods are activated in your product, you would have to manually send these customers the payment link for the 1st installment. Otherwise, e.g. in the case of courses, access will be blocked directly after the first installment has not been paid.

When will the customer receive the product?

In the standard system, your customer will only receive the product after successful payment.

If you have activated "instant access from order date," your customer will receive access to the product directly after purchase and for online courses with the setting "from payment," the 1st day of access for the drip-in will also start.

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