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Settings for emails to customers

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There are various settings that you can apply for all emails sent to your customers, for example:

  • Completely switching off all emails to your customers
  • Whether the support phone number should be displayed in the footer of the email
  • Whether a notification should be sent to the customer regarding subscriptions and installment payments that are withdrawn automatically.

You can apply the settings in "Settings" / "Technical setup" under "Email Configurations".


Allowing / Switching Off Automated Emails to Customers

When a customer buys your product, they receive various emails from the system, for example:

  • A purchase confirmation email with the invoice and access to the product.
  • Payment emails (bank details for prepayment, payment reminders, emails with the link for managing the payment and for payment of the next installment, drip emails for courses, emails about comments or quiz answers relating to the course).
  • Emails with the invoice that you created manually or that was created at the time of purchase.
  • And more.

You can completely cease sending emails if you send all these emails through your own system instead of through us.

  • Under "Settings" go to "Email Configurations".
  • Check or uncheck "Allow automated emails to customers". Sending is activated by default.


Wichtig_.png  Important!

If you switch off these emails and sell products that we deliver, the customer will not receive a delivery email from us, a thank you page for downloading the product, an email with the eTicket and the invoice, or an email enabling them to create a password for your online course or membership.

Therefore, only use this feature if we do not deliver the products and you make them available to the customer via your own system.

The setting does not affect the emails that you or your publishers, team members or joint venture partners receive.

Displaying Support's Phone Number in Emails

Every email that we send to your customers contains under "Support" the data that you have provided in the support information under "Settings," "Legal Notice," for example:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

If you do not offer phone support, you can deactivate the display of your support phone number.

  • Click "Settings" and then "Email Configurations."
  • Check or uncheck "Display support's phone number in emails and default shop theme." Display is activated by default.


Informing customers 7 days prior to next withdrawal

Customers with subscription and installment payments receive an email 7 days before the next installment is due.

A different email is sent depending on the payment method.

  • If we withdraw the amount automatically without requiring any action from the customer (SEPA, credit card, and PayPal for sellers with merchant withdrawal activated), the customer receives a notification about the upcoming withdrawal.
  • If the payment requires action from the customer (prepayment, Sofort, purchase on account, and PayPal without merchant withdrawal activated), they receive an email with the link for paying the next installment and a request for timely payment.

You can deactivate the notification about the next automatic withdrawal if you do not want this notification to be sent. 

  • Click "Settings" and then "Email Configurations."
  • Uncheck "Inform customers 7 days prior to next withdrawal."


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