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Creating digital products

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Our "digital product" type allows you to create a payment page for any services, such as coaching, webinars, email courses or API products. This differs from the download product as it is not necessary to attach a file with a digital product.

Wichtig_.png Important

We recommend that you deactivate PayPal as a payment method for your digital products if your >>PayPal business account has been active for less than 21 days. This is because the >>individual order confirmation email, which contains your digital product service (e.g. a link to book an appointment), is only sent out once PayPal has verified the payment. It can take up to 21 days to open a new PayPal business account. 

Creating digital products

  • In the "Products" section, click on "Create".


  • Move your cursor over "Digital product".


  • Click on "Create".


Now create your product in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Product page

  • product name
  • description of your product
  • the >>Cover picture
  • the position of the product in the >>Product block
  • a selling limit
  • whether your other products are displayed under this product


You can still make special adjustments to the product. You can find this under the cross product help documents, particularly for the configuration of product sales and delivery.

  • Then click on "Next".

Step 2: Payment page

This is where you store everything relating to payment. 


  • Enter either the price or one or more payment plans.

    If necessary, you can also name your payment plans individually, e.g. "monthly subscription" or "annual subscription"

In addition, you can make individual settings, such as:

  • separate fee items
  • cancellation conditions
  • adding helpful information such as text, videos or images to the top and bottom of your payment page
  • Storing individual tax rates (the tax configuration is designed for digital services, meaning that the place of performance is the country specified by the buyer)

Step 3: Delivery

Here you can create individual settings for the delivery of your product after purchase.

To make sure that the customer knows what happens after they purchase your product or service, you have the following possibilities: 

  • Forwarding them to your own thank you page, which contains further information, or adding further information to the elopage thank you page >>Order confirmation page.
  • Storing the information in your individual confirmation email.

This could be information such as:

  • how the customer can get to their coaching appointment or how they can book it online
  • the link for the webinar room or
  • the link to the website and the password to get to their product or, for example, to a questionnaire made by you with which you can request further information from the customer.


Step 4: Advanced

Here you can find further settings, such as: 

  • Accessing your password
  • Forwarding the affiliate visitors
  • How to not list the product in the shop and how to not index it on Google
  • WebHooks settings
  • Meta information for search engines


If you click "Next" in this step, your product will be created and saved.

Step 5: Upsell

In step 5 you can add a bundle created under templates or a funnel if necessary.


Wichtig_.png Important

In order to make sure that the customer receives an invoice for their purchase, it is recommended that you set up automatic invoice generation with elopage. Please note, this function must, depending on the plan, not only be booked, but also activated and set up before the first sale.

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