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FAQs about sales & delivery

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Even if you can search our helpcenter individually, there are always questions that arise regularly and whose answers help all new sellers. You can find them collected in this article. If you have a question whose answer is not listed in this article, please use the search function of our help center – we have created many more helpful articles for you!

Are you already familiar with our elopage YouTube channel? You will find a lot of tutorial videos there as well as tips and tricks about elopage and your products. 


ueberblick.png Overview

Questions about earnings and customer invoices

Questions about the cashout of your earnings

Questions about invoices for the use of elopage

Questions about payment methods and product delivery

Questions about product creation

Questions about taxes

Earnings and customer invoices

Q: Can I view a sample invoice that will be issued to the buyer later?  

A: If you activate the "automated invoicing" app, you can set up for yourself how the invoice will look for your customers later. You can find out more >> information about automated invoicing here.

Q: Can I see somewhere when customers have to pay the next installment with installments?

A: Yes. If you filter for outstanding payments under "Customers" and "Payment Overview," you will see all payments that are still outstanding. You will also see the outstanding installment payments. If you click on the "i" for information, you can see exactly which installments have been paid and which are still open. For each installment, there is also the due date by which the customer has to pay.

In this way you will also find >> all customers with outstanding payments.

Q: Does elopage have an automatic reminder system for outstanding payments?

A: We will send customers a payment reminder seven days after purchase if payment is not made (prepayment and installment/subscription payment for PayPal).

After that, it is your job to write to the customer.

How you can identify these customers and send them the payment link can be found in this >> article.

If your customer has purchased an online course / membership with subscription/installment payment, we will automatically block the course access on the due date if the new installment has not been received and inform him or her by email.

Q: Where can I find individual customer invoices? Can I correct individual invoices?

A: If you want to download or correct a single customer invoice, you can find it in the "Payments" and "Transfers" section of your dashboard. Find the customer and click on the "Details" link to see all the details of this purchase and change the invoice. >>Change the invoice data and send the invoice again.


Q: Is there a list of all transfers from a month?

A: Yes. You can view and download a month's transfers as a PDF document. Log in to your elopage seller account, click on "My Plan" in the menu on the left and scroll down to the invoices. You will always receive the invoice for the previous month on the first of each month. With the invoice you will receive two links: "Invoice" and "Details." Under "Details" you will find a list of all transfers for this month.

Alternatively, you can select any period of time under "Payments" and "Transfers" and filter the transfers. You can download the list as a PDF or CSV file and edit it further.

In addition, you can download various reports and account statements under Reports or generate them over your desired period. 

Cashout of your earnings

Q: When will my earnings be cashed out?

A: If you sell on your own behalf, you can always provide a cashout of your earnings and set the amount for it.

The cashouts are then always made on Monday morning (or the next bank working day).

Depending on the cancellation rate and revenue flow, you should leave a reserve in the account for cancellations, because the account cannot fall into the negative. If you no longer have enough in your account, no cancellation is possible.

If you have a reseller contract, the cashout via the reseller takes place automatically. The dates depend on the concluded contract.

Q: Are certain amounts withheld or is the total amount available for cashout at any time?

A: All funds in your elopage payment account are available immediately. Only credit card earnings are withheld for 7 days before you can cash them out.


Invoices for the use of elopage

Q: As a seller, will I receive an invoice including VAT for the fees I pay to elopage?

A: You will always receive an invoice (incl. VAT) on the 1st of a month under "My Plan" for all fees that

  • are incurred for the use of elopage and
  • the publisher commissions, if a purchase was made through a publisher
  • the joint venture commissions, if you have deposited a joint venture partner with commission.

The amount will be debited automatically by us. Please set up your account details under "My Plan." All information can be found under >>Pay monthly costs for elopage.

Payment methods and product delivery

Q: What payment methods can I offer if I sell on my own behalf?

A: As payment methods, you can offer the following:

  • Instant transfer via Klarna
  • Payment in advance 
  • Credit card
  • Purchase on account

These payments go to your elopage payment account. Fees and commissions for your partners are automatically deducted.

  • PayPal

Here you provide your PayPal business account for the so-called Express Checkout. All earnings go in full to your PayPal account. Fees and commissions for your partners will be charged on the 1st of the next month. You will find the invoice under "My plan." The debit is made using the debit method credit card or SEPA direct debit stored under "My Plan" together with the costs for the booked plan and the booked apps.

Q: What payment methods can I offer in the reseller model?

A: In the reseller model, SEPA direct debit is also available to you in addition to the above-mentioned payment methods.

Q: When will the product be shipped?

A: If the product delivery is made by us, it takes place directly after the payment has been assigned to the purchase.

Payment Delivery
Immediate transfer immediately
Credit card immediately
PayPal immediately
Payment in advance Upon receipt of payment. If the purpose is correctly adopted, usually after 2-3 banking days.
Purchase on account  
SEPA direct debit (only for sellers in the reseller model) After receipt of payment, approx. 4 days after purchase when the direct debit mandate is issued first.


Product Creation

Q: Is it possible to make test purchases to understand the process without actually having to buy the product?

A: Currently, we do not have a special feature for test purchases. Nevertheless, it is possible to carry out a test purchase. To do this, you buy your product for free, without it appearing to be free for others. You can see how you can implement this >>here.

hinweis.png Beware of online courses: If you have chosen for online courses to start from the time of purchase or from a certain date, you cannot change this once the first sale has taken place. This also applies to your test purchase. If you still want to change this setting after a test purchase, you can simply duplicate the entire course and then sell the copy as a product.


Q: Are taxes calculated automatically?

A: Yes, the tax calculation is based on the product and the information provided by the buyer at the time of purchase on the basis of the stored tax table.

Before selling, please check whether the tax table suits you or whether you have special features or whether you use the product differently than it is intended, so that you need a special tax configuration for it.

Q: Where can I find the preset tax rates? Can I create my own tax rates?

A: The tax rates we have preset can be found under "Templates" and "Tax rates." There you can see how high the tax rate is for the different product types in the different countries and separately by company and private person.

Here you can also directly create your own tax rates if special tax rates apply to you or a specific product.

Q: How do I tax earnings that take into account tax rates from other countries?

A: For taxes in other EU countries, there is the so-called OSS procedure. Here you submit an overview of the taxes incurred per country once a quarter. Of course, we also have an >> article on the OSS procedure ready for you.

You can find this report in the section >> Billing & Reports / Tax Revenues.

Q: How is taxation carried out in the reseller model?

A: In the reseller model, taxation is done through the reseller. Since the reseller is resident in Germany and subject to VAT, the taxes are calculated and paid accordingly. A >> small business regulation cannot be taken into account here.

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