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Purchase on account

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When purchasing on account, your customer has

  • immediate access to the product (if it is on our platform)
  • the payment term specified by you (standard is 14 days) to pay the invoice
  • the choice of which payment method should be used to pay for the product.

For any pricing plan, you can enable or disable purchase on account and decide how many days after purchase the invoice is due.

The due date is also visible in the invoice. If no money is received by then, a corresponding e-mail will be sent and if the course / membership is located on our platform, it will be blocked until the payment has been received.

The invoice

The invoice, which is created for your customer when you purchase on account, in addition to the bank details and the reason for payment, contains

  • the link to the checkout page, which is already pre-filled with the customer data
  • a QR code to view the payment manage page.

This allows your customer to choose which payment method they want to use to pay this invoice.


For us, purchase on account does not mean that the purchase is made by bank transfer. It can be transferred or another payment method can be chosen via the link in the invoice.

Only if you have also deposited prepayment in the pricing plan, the IBAN for the transfer will be stated on the invoice. This is especially important for B2B customers who print the receipt and give it to the accounting department.

Activate/deactivate purchase on account

Activate purchase on account

  • Go to the pricing plan for your product or the upsell pages in the funnel.
  • Edit the appropriate pricing plan.
  • Select the payment method "Purchase on account."
  • If necessary, change the payment term of 14 days.
  • Save the pricing plan and the product or upsell pages in the funnel.


After activation, you will see a blue symbol with a green clock as the payment method. This is the symbol for this payment method.


The change will take effect immediately for all new purchases after the plan and page are saved.

Deactivate purchase on account

  • Go to your products or the upsell page in the funnel and go to the pricing plans.
  • Click the "x" next to the Purchase on Invoice icon.
  • Save the plan and the product or upsell page of your funnel.


The change is effective immediately for new purchases. To test this on the product, go to the checkout page of the product. 

This is how the purchase on account works

Purchase on account does not differ from other payment methods in the purchase process. As usual, the customer selects the product and is redirected to the checkout page. After filling out the order form, the customer chooses the payment method "purchase on account" and completes the purchase.


Now the buyer will be redirected to the thank you page. If you don't have your own thank you page, we will display the elopage thank you page.


When purchasing on account, the customer does not receive your purchase confirmation email, but a standard email, the content of which you cannot design yourself.



At the same time, the system sends three e-mails: 

To your customer:

  • Your purchase confirmation email
  • The e-mail with the invoice and the link to the checkout page
  • Bank information of the payee for the transfer of the invoice amount
  • QR code to the payment manage page for subscription and installment payments.

To you:

  • The information about the purchase of the product by invoice.
  • As soon as the payment has been received, you will receive an email.

As a seller, where can you find the order?

As a seller, you can find the order under

  • "Billing & Reports" / "Invoices"
  • Customers / payment overview with the active pricing plan
  • Customers / Accounts

Since the customer can pay with all available payment methods, no waiting for finalization prepayment transaction is created.

What happens after payment?

After the purchase on account, the customer has 14 days to pay. When the payment is completed, the following will be done:

  • the invoice is marked as paid
  • a successful transfer is created in the transfer list
  • the customer will now also be displayed in your "Customers" list

What happens if the customer doesn't pay?

If the customer does not pay within the payment period: 

  • the payment is set to the status "Payment paused" and must be reactivated again
  • the thank you page with the possibility to download is blocked
  • in the case of an online course, access to the course will be blocked.

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