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Important information about the SEPA direct debit

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With the SEPA direct debit payment method, the customer issues a SEPA direct debit mandate when purchasing, through which the one time purchase as well as subscription and installment payments are debited from the customer's provided IBAN as part of the SEPA direct debit procedure.

Various requirements for issuing a SEPA direct debit mandate, information about the debit, non redemption and recall options by the customer are regulated by EU regulation.

Before using it, please familiarize yourself with the risks of SEPA direct debit for you as a provider and with the processes for activating the product and for cancellation.

Availability of SEPA direct debit as a payment method

For sellers in their own name

Here you have two options for offering SEPA direct debit:

a) via our elopage PLUS app

In order to be able to use the SEPA direct debit quickly and easily,

  • book the "elopage PLUS" app.
  • Check whether your business area is approved for the activation of the deposit account (if you already have a legitimized deposit account with elopage LITE, this is usually also possible with elopage PLUS).
  • Activate your deposit account and upload the records for legitimation.

After legitimation, you can then go to "Settings" and "Payment" methods and create a request for activation of the SEPA direct debit. We will then contact you to make a decision about activation. 

b) via your own Stripe account, provided Stripe has activated you for it,

If you have applied for a creditor ID and have an account with the seller that has been activated for SEPA direct debit, you can integrate your Stripe account with us and thus also offer SEPA direct debits.

The payments are then processed directly via your Stripe account and you pay the transfer and service fees once with us and once with Stripe.

Please clarify the requirements for activating the SEPA direct debit with Stripe beforehand.

More on this in the article Integrate your own Stripe account.

For sellers in the reseller model

If you are in our reseller model, the payment method is automatically available to you.

For customers

Customers from the SEPA payment area can use SEPA direct debit as a payment method.

The SEPA payment area consists of the 28 EU countries, the other EEA countries of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as well as Switzerland (only for banks that have joined the SEPA agreement), Monaco and San Marino.

The debiting

A payment is usually debited 6 bank working days after purchasing the product, which is due to the way in which the SEPA payments between the banks are carried out. In individual cases it can take up to 14 days until we have a confirmation as to whether the direct debit has been redeemed or not.

Therefore, the transfer only receives the status "waiting for finalization" and after you have received a response about the not redeemed or redeemed, then the corresponding status is issued.

By default, the product is only delivered after payment has been received (status is successful).

If necessary, you can adjust this for all products so that the product, regardless of the payment, is delivered immediately after purchase.

Emails to your customers

You can find out which emails your customers receive about payment by SEPA direct debit in this article.

The cancellation of payments

If your customer makes use of their right of withdrawal, you can cancel the payment. Here only a full repayment and no partial repayment is possible.

A cancellation is only possible 7 days after the payment has the status "successful" in our system. SEPA payments waiting for finalization can therefore not be canceled.

This has to do with the risks of SEPA direct debits. 

It takes up to 6 working days for the customer to see the repayment, which is due to the way the banks process the SEPA payments.

Customers can object to SEPA direct debits at the bank. By returning the payment, the payment will be booked back and you will be charged the so-called chargeback fees.

If your customer has already objected to the SEPA payment at his bank, you should not also cancel the amount, because it usually takes 6 bank working days for this information to reach us via the banks and 6 bank working days for your cancellation to get to the customer.

Return of direct debit by the customer or the bank

The SEPA direct debit can be returned by the payer without giving reasons up to 8 weeks after the due date.

The payer's bank can object to a debit a maximum of 6 bank working days after the due date (e.g. due to insufficient funds in the account) and return the direct debit. 

If the direct debit

  • is not redeemed (by the bank) or
  • the customer returns it,

chargeback fees are 7.5 euros net, which we pass on to you. You will then find these in the next invoice under "My Plan" as chargeback fees.

Please then research these customers in your account and contact them as part of your dunning process.


Refunds for orders made with the SEPA payment method can be canceled or reimbursed within 180 days from the date of purchase. Orders that are older than 180 days can no longer be reimbursed via elopage. Here the seller can make a manual reimbursement independently and create a corresponding cancellation credit for the customer. 

Risks with SEPA direct debits

Offering SEPA direct debits, depending on the target group of your customers, is not without risk as the direct debit can be returned, for example, directly by the customer from online banking, so that we incur the return direct debit fees of 7.50 euros net for you from your customer's bank to you.

So make yourself familiar with it beforehand.

> What are the risks associated with SEPA direct debit and what can you do about it?

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