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Create privacy policy

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If you are a seller in their own name at elopage, this is your shop. You decide which tools, integrations and apps you use in the background and what you do with the collected data. Although we process the payment and digital delivery, we do not work with the data beyond that. The shop and the handling of the data are therefore the responsibility of the seller.

You now have two options for compiling a privacy policy for your elopage:

  • Upload your own privacy policy
  • Use our GDPR-compliant data security generator

If you would like to upload your own privacy policy, you can do so directly in your elopage administration. Remember that you have to specify all tools and integrations used. For the standard processes via elopage you can incorporate our sample text , which you have also used on your own website. The part about elopage is coordinated with the lawlikes office.

The two variants for your privacy policy

You now have two options for creating a GDPR-compliant privacy policy for your elopage shop:

1. You upload your own privacy policy as a PDF file.

2. You create a privacy policy with our app. The specified texts are legally secure and are regularly updated by the lawyers of our partner lawlikes.

In both cases, your privacy policy is immediately online and visible on all your elopage pages in the footer.

Upload your own privacy policy

You can upload your privacy policy directly to your elopage seller account.

To do this, just click on: 

  • Settings -> Privacy policy

In this area you can upload your privacy policy with one click and you are on the safe side. 

Make your privacy policy available as a PDF file and include the date in order to show that your information is up-to-date. You can exchange the PDF file again and again and thus always keep your privacy policy up to date.

The file size limit is 4MB.


The GDPR-compliant data security generator from elopage

The data security generator consists of three parts:

  • the universal formulations
  • the function-based blocks and
  • an area to provide your own information.

Universal formulations

These formulations apply to all elopage sellers. All standard elopage processes are summarized under "elopage" and added to the privacy policy. 

Function-based blocks

Put together exactly the blocks you need with just a few clicks. A block corresponds to an app that you use. 

Additional information

Are you exporting the data and passing it on to other people / applications (e.g. as a CSV file, via Zapier or via webhooks)?

Then store this information under "additional information."

How to create your privacy policy:

  • Go to "Settings" -> "Privacy policy"
  • Book the app.

Please note that there are monthly costs for the app. You can see this directly on the page where you can book the app.


  • Select the applications you use and configure them. The data is then automatically added below (number of days, additional texts).


  • If necessary, provide your own text (optional) and upload the privacy policy


The data security app is offered jointly by elopage and lawlikes.

The Logo_Lawlikes.pnglawlikes lawyers create and update the individual blocks and elopage takes care of the technical implementation.

Technology and law from a single source! 

You can find which texts you can integrate via the privacy policy generator in this article.

Do you have your own privacy policy on your landing page?

Then you should include elopage, because we are also a so-called processor who works on your behalf with the data of your customers. Accordingly, you must also list us in the privacy policy of your website. To make it as easy as possible for you, we provide you with a text that you can copy directly into your privacy policy. 

So you have one less worry. You can find the template for this where you have also concluded your data processing agreement

  • Help & Legal -> Data processing contract

Copy the text directly, paste it into your privacy policy and optionally adjust it so that it corresponds to you and your offer. 

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