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Activating a buyer directly as a publisher

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If you have set up a partner program in which every buyer of your product is to be automatically stored as a publisher in this program, then this is now done automatically via a setting in the product.

In addition, you can include certain parameters in the purchase confirmation email for the product so that your new publisher can log in directly or assign a password or have the advertising links.


  • Independent registration by the publisher is no longer necessary
  • The publisher account has the same data as the buyer account, as these are automatically adopted
  • The publisher can start advertising immediately if you send him the URLs for his advertising in his purchase confirmation email (see below).
notiz.pngPlease note: This also works with a multilevel partner program. If a customer buys via the link of a publisher, the publisher automatically becomes a subpublisher of this publisher.

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1. Making the setting in the product

After you have created your affiliate program and added this exact product,

  • edit the product
  • click on "Next"
  • provide the corresponding partner program under "Automatic registration in partner program"
  • save the change.

If someone buys the product, they are automatically created as a publisher for this program.


After the purchase, the customer is automatically saved as a publisher for your program.

2. Customizing the purchase confirmation email

Next you should adapt the purchase confirmation email for this product and inform him about it.

You can use the following parameters to add the URL to the following pages. Important: no link is created here, only the URL is output as text. In principle, the publisher should also not click on his own tracking links.

  • Tracking link to the product page with the publisher ID and program ID
  • Tracking link to the checkout page with the publisher ID and program ID
  • Link to the password creation or login page

    This brings the publisher either to the page for creating a password (e.g. as a new customer who buys a product that is not an online course) or to the login page (if they are using your payer account or another account with this email address already has a password).

    Here it makes sense to generate a button using the following HTML code:

    HTML code:

    <a href=“%{confirmation_url}” style=“border-radius: 3px; width: 140px; height: 40px; background-color: #ffb900; font-weight:bold; letter-spacing:normal; line-height:40px; text-align:center; text-decoration:none; color:#ffffff; display:inline-block;” target=“_blank”>Passwort anlegen / einloggen</a>

Example of the purchase confirmation email

Here is an example of the customized purchase confirmation email. In the upper part is the information for the buyer with the next button.
Below that is the button for the password and the two advertising links with which the sales made through him are tracked.


Note on the two tracking links

The publisher can now use the two tracking links for your advertising. Tracking via the cookies or the life time function works as usual.

If he would like to use other advertising material such as one of our badges for his website, he can do this from his account.

Important: If the customer does not have a publisher account yet, he is automatically taken to the page after logging in to accept the terms and conditions for publishers. Then he accesses his account as usual and can view the statistics, generate other links and - very importantly - fill out his profile so that we can also make the cashout.

You should include a few notes in your purchase confirmation email, especially how he then gets to the product by switching to the payer account.


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