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Forgot password or not yet saved

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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If you no longer know the password for your elopage buyer account, you can request an email to reset the password.

The link for this is only valid for 6 hours for security reasons. Please view the email within this time and enter a new password using the link in the email.


Many email providers like to sort password reset emails as spam or only deliver them after several delivery attempts (so-called gray listing). Therefore it may be that

  • the email is not delivered immediately or
  • is sorted out as spam and not displayed.

Therefore, before requesting the email, you should enter the email addresses and in the whitelist of your email provider or save it as a contact. 

Request a reset email for the password

Step 1: view the seller's login page

On the seller's login page, you will find the item "Forgot your password?" below the fields for entering the email address. You can find the link in the purchase confirmation email that you received after placing your order.


Step 2: Request password reset email

  • Click on "Forgot Password?."
  • Then enter the email address with which you purchased the product and click on "Reset password."


Step 3: view the email inbox and provide a new password

  • Go to your mailbox and wait for the email.

  • Click on the "Change password" button.

Click on the link to go to the following page.

There please

  • enter the new password (at least 8 characters) twice.
  • click on "save password" to change the password.


  • Then click on "Back to login" and log in with the new password.


Only when entering the email address correctly will you get the password reset email sent back.

For security reasons, you will receive a success message even if you make an incorrect entry. In other words, for security reasons, the system does not inform you whether your email address exists with us.

If it is unclear which email address you used to purchase a product or whether you specified a typo when purchasing, please contact the provider's support.

Important if you save the password in the browser:

If you save your passwords in the browser and you have several accounts with us, with different email addresses, this usually means that the browser overwrites the password when you enter a new password.
Your browser / password manager saves the passwords for the URL or domain and not for each email address. 

It is essential that you save your password for the normal login page and not for the page on which you renewed your password, as the URLs are different.

You request a password reset email, change your password and save it in the browser / in your password manager. 
Then it may apply to the URL for the password change.
You switch to the login page (which has a different URL) and your browser may fill the password with the old password, which is still saved for the login page but is no longer valid for us. 


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