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Cash-outs & credit memos in the reseller model

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If you are in the reseller model, you will find out everything you need to know about the cash-out of your sales, the time intervals, receipts, overviews, etc.


U_berblick_u_ber_diesen_Artikel.png Overview

Cash-out details and cash-out interval

The  cash-out overview

Select currency

Filter the cash-out overview

View credit memos

View transfer details


Cash-out details & cash-out interval

Requirements for the cash-out

The reseller will automatically cash out and calculate the amount, if

  • your seller profile is fully stored
  • your cash-out account is stored and
  • the minimum payout amount of 50 euros has been reached in the cash-out period.

Before your first sale or when changing your tax situation, please make sure that you set up your profile correctly, especially when it comes to the question of whether you are liable for sales tax in your own country or not.

Otherwise you will not receive the correct amounts, because if you are not subject to sales tax, the reseller pays the VAT and you only receive the net amount.

The cash-out amount

The relevant transfers (minus cancellations and chargebacks, fees and commissions as well as safety buffers) of the respective cash-out period are paid out.

The safety buffer

By default, your safety buffer is 30 days. Your transfers are ready for payment 30 days after receipt and will be paid out on the next possible payment date.

Creation of the credit memo

For each billing period, a credit slip is created with the cash-out amount. With the standard cash-out cycle, this is on the 1st and 15th of each month. So before the amount is transferred, you can see which amount will be transferred to you and which transfers will be paid out with it.
Please note: If the 1st or 15th is not a working day, the credit memos will be issued on the next working day.

The transfer of the cash-out amount

The bank transfer takes place within 3 working days after the credit memo has been created on your provided cash-out account.
info.png Info

If necessary, you can have your cash-out interval extended. Send us a request on >>

The cash-out overview

In the cash-out overview you can find

  • an overview of your previous cash-outs
  • a preview of your next cash-out
  • Information about your cash-out settings

In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Cash-outs" under "Billing & Reports."

If you click on the i (tool tip) in the respective column heading, you will get more information.


info.png Info

The displayed amount for the next cash-out is estimated, as cancellations and chargebacks can still occur up to the payout date. The cash-out of your credit memos takes place in a cash-out interval and is subject to a safety buffer. The safety buffer initially excludes amounts in order to be able to act quickly in the event of cancellations and chargebacks.

Select currency

  • If you offer your products in different currencies, select the currency for your cash-out overview here.


info.png Info

You can find out how you can apply for additional currencies as a seller in the reseller model in >>Currencies in the reseller model

Filter the cash-out overview

  • Click on the "filter symbol" to filter your cash-out overview according to time periods that you specify.
  • Mark the filter criterion "Created on" by clicking on the "checkbox" and define the period.
  • Then click on "Apply."


View and download credit vouchers 

In the cash-out overview you will find a tab "Cash-outs" to the right of the tab "Overview."

Here you will find a list with all cash-outs and the corresponding credit memo.


There you will find two links:

  • "Download:" This opens the credit slip as a PDF file.
  • "Details:" This opens a PDF file that lists all transfers that are relevant for this cash-out.

Example of a credit note

Example of the list of related transfers


Here you can find all transfers and fees that are relevant for this cash-out.

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