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Tax calculation & cash-out in the reseller model

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In the reseller model, your customers' purchases are taxed on the basis of tax legislation for German, taxable companies.

Tax peculiarities that apply to your company (small business regulation, tax exemption, e.g. as a school) cannot be taken into account. We can only provide a special tax table for your product if your product has special tax features under German tax law, such as eBooks or accompanied online courses, in which support and not electronic delivery are in the foreground.

The procedure for paying taxes if you are subject to sales tax is then as follows:

Payment of taxes

The reseller pays the tax for the individual sale. The individual customer invoice also goes to the reseller's accounting. You yourself only receive one receipt for each cash-out, which you then post to yourself as earnings. 

Calculation basis for the cash-out

Your earnings (net) are the amount paid by the buyer minus the amount

  • Transfer fees
  • Publisher commission (if any) 
  • Joint venture commission (if any) 
  • VAT.

The net total is the calculation basis for the cash-out. 

  • If you are a taxable entrepreneur from Germany, you will receive the net amount plus VAT of 19% (from July to December 2020 16%). You then have to state or pay this VAT, if you are liable for sales tax and have to submit VAT (pre) registrations. 
  • If you are not subject to sales tax or if you are an entrepreneur from another EU country (reverse charge), you will receive the net amount. 

Sample calculation of the net amount

Online course bought by a consumer in Germany

Gross purchase price 119 euros
- 19% VAT 19 euros

-  7.5% fees + 0.50 euros for the transfer = 9.43 euros
= 90.57 euros net income

Online course bought by a consumer from Germany with a joint venture partner who receives 50% commission

Gross purchase price 119 euros
- 19% VAT 19 euros

-  7.5% fees + 0.50 euros for the transfer = 9.43 euros
= 90.57 euros net income

- 45.29 euros joint venture commission (50% of the net amount)

= Net earnings

Online course bought by a consumer from Austria

Gross purchase price 119 euros
- 20% VAT 20.99 euros

-  7.5% fees + 0.50 euros for the transfer = 9.43 euros
= 88.58 euros net income


The tax calculation is already configured depending on the product type.

Unless you are selling a product for which a different tax rate applies under German law, for example 7% (from July to December 2020 5%) for the sale of a book, then please inform us before the launch so that we can provide the different tax rate for the product.

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