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Welcome to elopage!

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We are the all-in-one platform for your online business and are happy that you want to digitize your company with elopage.

Here in the >> helpcenter you will not only find the most important information about the start, but also support articles with instructions on the extensive >> features & functions of elopage.


After registering, you will be taken to the start page, which will be displayed to you as a new customer.

Here we will guide you through the first steps to test elopage. Watch the welcome video starring our co-founder Tolga.

You will also find some useful links there:

  • the link to our helpcenter
  • the one to our Facebook community where you can exchange ideas with other sellers
  • our masterclass with which you learn together with others to start professionally with elopage
  • a guided tour of our system and
  • the possibility to book a 15 minute consultation appointment with our sales team.



1. Create your first product

The creation of a product always includes the same basic steps. Depending on the product type, different steps are added.

You can first start with the basic settings for the test and later create templates e.g. for the checkout page, tax rates, webhooks, right of withdrawal and add them to the product.

  • Click "Create your first product" and select the product type.
  • Fill in all relevant fields on the page and click "Next" at the bottom right.
  • Set the product to "free" at the point "Checkout page" so that it receives a sales release, appears on your shop page and you can make a test purchase.

To create it, it is necessary that you go through all tabs and fill in the mandatory fields so that the product is saved.

Later, you can also change only individual data and 

  • refresh the page with the respective tab to stay in edit mode and make additional changes or
  • Save and close to leave the product.

Here you will find an >> overview of the different product types.

If you want to make a test purchase in step 3 to view the purchase process without payment and have not yet activated a payment provider, set your product to free so that it receives a sales release and you can make a test purchase.

2. Design your landing page

  • Click on "Design your landing page" to go to our pagebuilder for your shop page.

Here you can make various settings for different page types.

  • The main area is the shop that is displayed to the customer
  • Product page is the design for the product page that is displayed when you click on the product from the shop page, for example. There, the content that you have stored in the product under "Product page" will be displayed in the design you have saved. 
  • Thank you page: Here you can configure the thank you page that will be displayed to your customer after the purchase.

You can also create landing pages for individual products and provide product-specific content or testimonials and copy the product page if you want to create different designs for different products.

To continue using these extensive settings later, you need the app Customization for 39 EUR net per month or a plan which includes the app such as the Pro package for 99 EUR net per month.


3. Make a test purchase

If you have created a free product in step 1, you can buy it now to view the delivery process.

If you want to see the process for an online course / membership where your customers need a password for access, you should provide an email address which is not yet registered with elopage.
If you buy with the same email address that your seller account runs on, you will not be able to test this process because you are already logged in.

Then, after the purchase, simply switch to your payer account to see the product.

  • At step 3, click Start. You will be taken to the overview with your created product. If it's free and published, it should have a sales release now.
  • Then click on your product.


  • Next, click on the image for shop page. Your product will now be displayed there.

  • Click on the product image, then on "Proceed to checkout" and "buy" the product for free.

You will then be shown the thank you page of the product and you will receive the purchase confirmation email.

If it is an online course or a membership, you will find a yellow button in the email with which your customers either

  • create a password if you do not yet have an account with elopage (i.e. have not yet purchased from any seller who uses elopage) or 
  • you can log in to your payer account if you already have a password.

You can find out more about how your customers get a password for their access in the article >> Where do I get the password for my online course / congress / membership?

4. Complete your account

  • Click on Start to get to the page with the last mandatory steps to be able to sell paid products and go through them.


Notes on VAT information:

If you are not only not subject to VAT in your country (often the case in Austria or Switzerland), please note that you need your own tax templates and provide them with the products. >> Set & apply custom VAT settings
If you are a small business owner from Germany, the tax exemption only applies to products located in Germany. In the case of online products and services, the place of performance is usually in the country of the payer, so that VAT is automatically charged on purchases from other EU countries by consumers.

Notes on payment options:

To sell products and services, you need a payment provider.
If you choose the reseller model, all earnings go through the reseller. Here the payment options are already activated. Before you can sell, you need to legitimize your account and unlock the products.

If you sell in your own name, you provide the connection, e.g. to your PayPal business account or create a so-called deposit account with one of our partners, to which you have access via our platform. There the funds are received and you can cash them out to your bank account. 

>> Payment methods & payment partners


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