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Contract models & packages – What you should know

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14-day free trial

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Choose a contract model

Transfer fees and service fees

14-day free trial

You can test elopage for 14 days free of charge!

With the test plan you can try out almost all the features that are also included in the Pro package. You can always choose a smaller package and test its functionality.

Costs for the use of apps and packages will only be invoiced to you after the end of the 14-day trial period.

If you have not booked a package after the free trial period, your account will be temporarily deactivated. To be able to use your seller account to their full extent, choose one of our plans.

Packages and Apps

Under "My Plan" you can book the most suitable package for you. How to see which features are included in which package can be found in the article >>Prices & Packages.

If you need more features, you can either book individual apps under "My Plan" or book another package. 

We show you how to book an app in >> How can you customize your packages?.

You can book or cancel an app/package at any time. Billing is carried out on a daily basis.

Deciding on a contract model

We offer 2 contract models: the seller model (default after account creation) and the reseller model.
With both, you have full control and access to the data and customers.

The Seller Model 

Since you pay lower transfer and service fees, all pages and legal texts are on you. You can take into account tax peculiarities in the VAT calculation and the payments run to your PayPal or integrated deposit account. You can cash out earnings at any time to your bank account (at the earliest 7 days after receipt of payment).

Selling in the reseller model

This is where the reseller appears externally as a contractual partner for your customers. You continue to be the contact person for your customers and have access to the data.
However, all payments go to the reseller and you get a cashout 1 or 2 times a month, which you then transfer to your accounting.

No tax peculiarities (tax exemption for your company) can be taken into account here.

Decide beforehand whether you want to use the seller model or the reseller model. You can also find out more about this in comparison >>seller model or reseller model? 

Transfer fees and service fees

Depending on the contract model, you will pay different costs for the transfer and service fees. You can find all company and price levels with the corresponding transfer and service fees in our >>price matrix.

The Seller Model

When you register, you are a seller in your own name by default  and thus receive conditions of up to 3.9% plus 0.25 EUR per incoming payment from us. If you use other payment providers such as PayPal or Stripe, their payment fees apply as well. The fee depends on the amount of the incoming payment, so you pay lower fees for high-priced products.

For payments between 500.01 EUR and 1,500 EUR, for example, you pay only 3.5%, and between 10,000.01 EUR and 25,000 EUR even only 1.9%. For currencies other than EUR, 2% is added.


Selling in the reseller model

If you do not want to act as a seller yourself, then we also offer the reseller model, in which you will be charged a maximum of 7.5% plus 0.50 EUR (including PayPal transfer fees) per payment. For currencies other than EUR, 2% is added.

Preise_Reseller Modell_Neukunden.png

For payments between 500.01 EUR and 1500 EUR, for example, you pay only 6.5%, and between 10,000.01 EUR and 25,000 EUR even only 3.9%.

When selling in the reseller model, there is no accounting or tax calculation for the individual transfers. Regardless of the actual transfers, you will comfortably receive one or two cashouts per month from elopage (depending on the monthly turnover).

Please note

If you're selling on your own behalf, consider the following:

If you want to sell in the reseller model, we will check your business and your product before you can offer it. Therefore, you must first submit your products to us for approval. We describe how to switch to the reseller model in >>Selling in the reseller model.

You decide. There are no differences in the importance of your account.

Switching from selling in the seller model to selling in the reseller model is still possible later on.

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