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Creating products – Ready to sell in a few minutes

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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What products can you sell?

With elopage, various product types are available:

  • Download products
  • Online courses
  • Membership
  • Tickets and vouchers
  • Digital products
  • Codes and licenses
  • Certificates

Here, you can find an >>overview of our product types.

However, these product types are simply the variants that allow all your wishes to be implemented!

More about >>products.

Download products

Download products are actually self-explanatory. You upload your files, such as videos, software, checklists, and eBooks or other PDFs, to elopage, where you can sell them using your own checkout page. elopage delivers the file and you receive your money. No hosting by you, no FTP and no further actions required.

More about >>download products.

Online courses and conferences

With the online course product type, you can create your own access areas protected by individual customer passwords.

You create pages and lessons using our pagebuilder (no technical knowledge required). Thanks to our user-friendly solution, you can also release all content in a time-controlled manner, create quiz questions, play videos and audio recordings during the course itself, send emails automatically and, of course, provide all other content, texts, graphics and files.

As you would expect, interaction through comments is also very straightforward.

So whether you want to sell guided online courses, your online conference, self-study courses for your 10-week fitness program, or simple webinar recordings, you have full flexibility.

Subscription models, regular payments and user management make course creation with elopage as easy and automated as it should be!

More about >>online courses.

Memberships with various products for your members

With the membership product type and your own membership theme, you can design your own membership in which the customer can view the products that you have provided with the membership product.

They can then buy other products from this area.

You can use the membership theme to create an area designed in your branding, with your own menu items and your own navigation to your external pages.

More about >>membership and >>customization.

Event tickets & vouchers

Whether coaching sessions for small groups, seminars, workshops or large events with thousands of participants – elopage can help you sell your tickets in no time at all.

Create tickets, deliver PDF tickets for each participant with a QR code, and manage the participants.

Early bird, VIP or standard ticket? Give your customers different ticket variants to choose from on a single checkout page, if desired, even with your own pricing plans!

More about >>eTickets.

Digital products

With this product type, you can sell everything that you deliver independently or outside of elopage. Unlike downloads, courses or tickets, no content is created. Perfect for your coaching or consulting sessions, access to your webinar or your app, or external memberships.

It becomes particularly exciting when you connect digital products to other tools and tasks via interfaces, webhooks or Zapier, e.g. to automatically register the webinar participants in your webinar tool.

More about >>digital products.


Your start with elopage

>>Welcome to elopage

>>Contract models & plans – What you should know

>>Activate account – The foundations for your success

Create products – Ready to sell in minutes

>>Features & use cases – Everything that is possible

>>Available at any time! You can find helpful advantages of elopage here

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