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Features & use cases – Everything that is possible

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We want to provide entrepreneurs with all the features they need to sell successfully. But more important than features are the use cases, i.e. what can be implemented with them.
You have now found out which products can be created and sold, but much more is possible with elopage. To start with, we want to give a little insight: 

Coupon codes

Once you have created your products, coupon codes are a fantastic opportunity to test your products yourself, to win initial test buyers as testimonials and also to boost your sales. Whether for one-time or recurring payments, you have very detailed setting options.

>>Creating coupon codes

Affiliate programs & commission processing

For all products, you can use affiliate programs to encourage other people to promote your products and receive a commission for it. Multi-level affiliate systems are even possible with elopage. So you can even implement your commission processing.

>>Creating an affiliate program

Teams & Holdings

Do you create your products with a partner or as a team? This can also be implemented with elopage by

  • setting up a role and assigning various rights and
  • inviting users and providing them in the role.

Everyone then receives their own access and has access to the areas and products that you have defined. For joint venture partners, you can even set up commissions that your partners automatically receive with every sale.

>>Inviting team members & partners

Tax rates

Whether you sell internationally or whether you are a small business owner, the tax rates of your products can be set individually. Of course, everything is prepared for you for the common product types, but you can also adjust everything as desired in consultation with your tax advisor.

>>Individually providing tax rates for the product


It does not stop with the purchase! Even after that, your customer's journey can continue. Enter it in your email list, for example, or send delivery details as a task to your fulfillment team. Quite simply via our integrated interfaces and Zapier, on over 800 tools.

>>Direct automations to your email tools & webinars

>>Connecting elopage with Zapier with over 800 other tools

Sales funnel & upsells

All products at elopage under one roof! This is not only convenient, but also offers many opportunities. Especially for up-selling and cross-selling.

If you have a coaching, a self-study course and a membership, then you can combine these offers in a variety of ways. Give your customer the offer they want. A win-win situation for everyone!

Whether as an additional offer on your checkout pages, as a supplementary upgrade in your online course or as a one-click upsell after a purchase in the sales funnel, elopage makes it as easy as possible for you.

>>Bundles and >>Sales Funnels

Of course, this is only a small glimpse into the large range of features of elopage and you will get to know everything on your way. Nevertheless, everything starts with the first step.
You will find out >>on the next page how we will support you.


Your start with elopage

>>Welcome to elopage

>>Contract models & plans – What you should know

>>Activating your account – The foundations for your success

>>Creating products – Ready to sell in minutes

Features & use cases – Everything that is possible

>>Available at any time! You can find helpful advantages of elopage here

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