Please note that we have changed the menu structure.To simplify navigation, your elopage account is now structured slightly differently. But the functions remain the same. We will adjust the help section and renew the screenshots. If you have any questions, our support will be happy to help.
Achtung, neue Menüstruktur! Um die Navigation zu vereinfachen, ist dein elopage-Account jetzt etwas anders strukturiert. Die Funktionen bleiben aber die gleichen. Wir werden den Hilfebereich anpassen und die Screenshots erneuern. Bei Fragen hilft unser Support gerne weiter.
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Always there for you! You can find help here

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online_kurs.png We love to help you and your customers with questions about the use of our platform. 

Where can you find help using elopage?

You can find help

In addition, we regularly offer master classes with which you can learn together with others from us and from other professionals how you can best use elopage.

The Master Classes

Our master classes always run for 7 days at a certain time. Here you will learn a lot of know-how from us and other professionals.
When the period for the live webinars is over, you can also watch the recordings in the course and benefit from the content.

>>Master class 01

>>Master class 02

>>Master class 03

The help center

You will find countless articles in the help center full of screenshots, videos and current examples that explain the functions in detail.

Check back frequently and 

  • search for instructions using the search window
  • look specifically at articles in specific categories.

If you have any further questions to which you cannot find answers here, please contact our >> Support or exchange ideas with colleagues (other sellers) in our Facebook community.

The Facebook community with other sellers

We are proud of our support, but also proud of our community. Because not only we are happy to help, also many of our customers are happy to be there for you. Not only for technical questions, but also for many questions about your business and your products. Come on and join!

>>Become part of the free elopage community on Facebook now

Our YouTube channel

Comprehensive software like elopage is best understood in videos. That is why we place great importance to our YouTube channel. In addition to the tutorial videos, you will also find many webinars, interviews and examples there. Simply subscribe and you will get the most out of elopage!

>>Subscribe to the YouTube channel now

Our elopage Academy

Technology is one thing, but a successful product does a lot more. With our academy, we help you together with a lot of experts. In free courses, you will learn to develop products such as >>online courses, conferences or eBooks from A-Z, get tips for your marketing or learn everything about the GDPR. Take a look and share our courses with others.
If you want support in creating your courses, we even have consulting packages for you.

>>Search for helpful courses & consulting in the elopage Academy 


How can you reach our support heroes?

During our support hours, our support heroes are available in various ways to support you with questions about using elopage. 

For this purpose, we have various know-how groups that specialize in different areas.

For the questions of your end customers about their account or payments, we have our own support team which helps your customers with questions about their account and their orders / payments.

Our support hours: Monday - Thursday 10 am - 6 pm, Friday 10 am - 1 pm

Please have your token ID (see below) ready both on the phone and for written contacts if we need to call up account or customer data for your request. This allows us to quickly find your account and identify you. 

Contact our support heroes directly from your elopage account

If you are logged in, you will find our telephone number, your token ID and the request form on the left under the menu item "Contact."


Submit a request via our request page

If you are already in our help center, you can submit a written request to us via "Submit request." The advantage of our request form is that you select the reason for the request and the criticality and the system tells you, depending on the reason, which additional data is needed and the system already suggests helpful articles for the selected subject.

Please write an appropriate subject and an exact description of your question, possibly with screenshots, so that we can answer your request quickly and without questions.

Call our support heroes

You can reach our support heroes during service hours by phone at +49 30 / 398 20 46 50. You can then choose whether you agree to record your call for quality and training purposes and select the appropriate line.

As an inventory customer (seller, publisher...) select 1.

As a prospective customer, please select 2. You will then receive a link for a consultation with our sales team.

Your end customers (buyers) please use the selection 3 to land directly with the end customer support.

Chat with our support heroes

If you have a short question, chat with our support. Again, you can select your request so that your question ends up in the right team.

In the help center or under you will find the yellow button "Help" at the bottom right. During support hours, you can chat with our support heroes.

If the chat is not busy, you can also submit a written request here.

Send an email to our support heroes

You can also reach our support heroes by email at
The emails are viewed several times a day and transferred to the appropriate team and prioritized accordingly.

Your start with elopage

>>Welcome to elopage

>>Contract models & plans – What you should know

>>Activating your account – The foundations for your success

>>Creating products – Ready to sell in minutes

>>Features & use cases – Everything that is possible

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