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Activating the account – The foundations for your success

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A successful online business has a solid foundation. For selling in your own name, you should take the following steps so that you can sell legally safely and indefinitely.

Complete registration

After you have confirmed your email address, the first thing you should do is fill out your profile completely. The data stored here are the basis for

  • your legal notice
  • your payment account with our banking partner and
  • your terms and conditions
  • your invoices

Then you create your legal notice.

You add or activate your legal texts and conclude the data processing contract with us and you are then in an excellent position.

>>Fully activate your account now 

Creating a shop page

Creating the layout for your >>shop page.

Setting up payment methods

elopage offers you the most common payment methods, from credit cards, PayPal, instant transfer, advance payment and SEPA to purchase on account.

If you have your own Stripe account for payments by credit card or SEPA direct debit, you can also connect this.

In an account in the reseller model, all payment methods are automatically linked via elopage.

If you sell in your own name, you can activate the payment methods just as easily with just one click. Since you can connect your own PayPal account in your own name, two more steps are required, which you can also do quickly with our help videos.

>>Activate payment methods

>>Connect your own PayPal account

Activate an invoice

And you are ready to start making your first sales! in order that everything runs smoothly for you right from the start, we recommend that you activate automated invoicing.

You upload a logo, decide which information should appear from you and set the starting invoice number and we will create an invoice for your customer for every sale, which is sent by email and can be called up in the account.

>>Activating automated invoicing


Your start with elopage

>>Welcome to elopage

>>Contract models & plans – What you should know

>>Activating the account – The foundations for your success

>>Creating products – Ready to sell in minutes

>>Features & use cases – Everything that is possible

>>Available at any time! You can find helpful advantages of elopage here


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