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Downloading product FAQs and tips

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With the product type "Download product," you can store products for which the customer receives the content of the product as a download.

Here you can upload any files, which we then make available to the customer on the download page.


Defining the validity of the download link 

By default, the download link is only valid for 48 hours. This is to curb the unlimited sharing of the link somewhat.

If the customer has not downloaded the files during this period, you can extend the link for this customer by 24 hours.

However, you can generally increase the validity of the download link for the product, preferably before the launch.

Please note: Customers with a login can download their download product an unlimited number of times.

File size

You can upload files up to 2 GB. Please note, however, that the download will take some time depending on your customer's Internet speed. 

If you provide videos, you should use a format that can be used on all systems and that provides small file sizes.
If you have a lot of long videos, you should consider whether you would rather make them available for direct viewing as part of an online course.


Why does my customer only receive my PDF file as a zip file?

If you use the PDF stamping of your PDF file with the buyer data, then the PDF file is currently only available as a zip file.

Not all customers can handle it, especially if their system does not automatically unzip the file when you double-click it.

How can my customer choose whether to download a file in its original format or as a zip file?

On the thank you page, he can download each original file individually by clicking on the "download" symbol to the right of the file name.

If he uses the download button above, all files are packed into a zip archive and downloaded together (even if your product only contains one file).

My videos will play right away and will not be downloaded

Different browsers on different devices respond differently to the download command (Apple devices in particular). We are already using commands for the download to overwrite the browser's default behavior when clicking on a video file. However, it can happen that the browser ignores this and plays the file instead of downloading it.

As a rule, however, the browser features offer the possibility of downloading the video anyway (on the PC / laptop e.g. with right mouse button and save target as).

How does the customer get to the download page if I redirect to my own thank you page after purchasing?

Normally, the elopage thank you page is automatically displayed to the customer after purchase and payment. However, if you stored a redirect to your own thank you page for the product, in your purchase confirmation e-mail you should provide a button with the parameter %{success_page_link} .

Clicking on the button takes the customer to the downloads.

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