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Quiz FAQ

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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about the quiz in the online course.


Where can I activate the quiz?

If the page is not stored as "static" in the >> settings of the course page, the tab "Quiz" appears in the upper right corner. Only then can you configure it, since the trigger for displaying the quiz is the "Done" button. If the customer clicks on "Done," the quiz is displayed on the page.

Can my customer see the contents of the page (video, text) while he/she is taking the quiz?

Currently, your customer cannot see the content of the page while he/she is taking the quiz or has not yet passed it, so that it can not be "cheated on".

It is planned that you can set yourself whether the content can be viewed parallel to the quiz or not.

What kind of quiz is possible?

For the quiz, you provide several questions, which are then answered in one fell swoop, like a kind of exam.

You can provide the following types:

  • Single choice (one answer is correct)
  • Multiple choice (multiple answers are correct)
  • Free text (only if answers are not checked automatically). Open questions in the quiz

Can I score quiz answers manually?

Yes, you can set the quiz so that all answers contained there are sent to you for review and your participant has to wait for you to review it.

-> View notifications of quiz answers & comments

This allows you to use the quiz for other use cases, e.g. to check the order number for an upgrade / course extension and then act accordingly.

Here are a few use cases: --> Use case: Sell extension for temporary online course
-> Use case:
Sell full access to all course pages

How does the participant start the quiz?

The quiz is started by clicking on the "Done" button. This will appear if you have NOT set the page to static. With this, the participant completes the course lesson and then the quiz starts.
In the settings for the page you can also rename the button, e.g. to "Start quiz."

Can a quiz be repeated?

Yes, the quiz can be repeated in different ways.

a) You have set the quiz to be repeated if it has not been passed.

b) You have set the course so that the entire course can be restarted. -> Allow restart for course or lesson

c) You have set a lesson so that the lesson can be restarted. -> Allow restart for course or lesson

Can I lock lessons so that they cannot be accessed until the quiz has been passed?

Yes, it is possible. You set this at the bottom of the quiz. -> Configure quiz

How can I test the quiz?

It is currently not possible to test the quiz with the preview of the course, since the preview is currently only intended for viewing the pages and does not allow any interaction such as clicking on the finish button. 

To test the quiz, please make a test purchase of the product.

Is there also a certificate for passing the quiz?

Yes, in the "Award" tab you can define that a certificate is delivered when the quiz is passed (or when completing the page). As an award, you then provide a product of the type 'certificate,' which you have previously designed. The fields on the certificate are automatically filled in by the system and you can place them on your uploaded background image, adjust the font or hide fields completely.

-> Webinar: Create final exam with quiz, video view tracking and award

Can my customer also upload records such as homework?

This is currently not possible. If you have homework sent by the customer and evaluate it, you should clarify beforehand whether the course falls under the Distance Learning Protection Act.

Does my course need to be approved by the National Center for Distance Learning?

Under certain conditions, online courses can be counted as distance learning and are therefore subject to the approval and certain specifications of the National Center for Distance Learning. 

It is best to inquire beforehand whether this applies to your course. If you use the quiz in which the answers are automatically evaluated, there is no "individual learning success control" according to the current state of knowledge.

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