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Designing the course overview page

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With your own course design, you can define an overview page as the start page for your course. 

To each menu item, you can assign an image and a separate text for the button with which the customer can then directly call up the first lesson in this menu item.

A menu is a chapter heading that contains the actual course lessons.

Example without a banner and with two menu items:



Example with banner and text and with two menu items:



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1. Define the basic settings

  • Go to "Themes" and "Online course themes".
  • Edit your theme (style or custom).
  • Under "Elements", choose whether the course overview page should be displayed when the course is called up. If not, the course will be displayed straightaway.
  • Under "Elements", choose whether your course overview page should contain a banner or not.


2. Define the detailed settings

  • In your design, go to the "Course overview" and fill out the individual settings.


  • "Save" the changes.

If you have already saved the design for your course, the changes will be immediately visible to your customers when they next call up the page.

3. Edit the menu items in your online course

Once you have stored the theme for your online course:

  • For each menu item, store a heading and a photo for the overview page.
  • Enable the display of this menu on the overview page.


The overview page now looks like one of the examples above.

wichtig.pngImportant: For your course, please make sure that at least one menu item is activated for the course overview page and that your menu items and chapters are not empty and contain pages. This means making sure that the heading of the page that belongs to the menu and chapter is left aligned with the title of the menu and that the pages and lessons are included in the respective menu. We will show you how to do this in this short >>tutorial

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