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Order overview & payment management

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In the order overview under "Customers" and "Orders", you can find all orders.

For each order you can view all the details we have about it, such as 

  • basic data for the order, such as customer data, coupon code, payment method, publisher …
  • payments
  • invoices
  • sent emails
  • data sent to external applications (email providers, webhooks, Zapier)
  • and with the online course even which lesson has which status for this customer.

This overview is therefore the perfect cockpit for everything to do with a customer's order.

The order overview

Click on "Customers" and then "Orders" to view the order overview.


Here you have an overview of the orders and the associated payment status, the payment method, the number of installments and whether the customer still has a test period in which he can use the product free of charge.

And via the tabs above you can also view a direct overview of all

  • due dates with the amount, date and status
  • transfers
  • invoices
  • credit memos (for canceled payments or chargebacks).

Under "Manage" you will also find the personal payment link of your customer
Your customer will also find this link as described here -> Catch up on outstanding subscription/installment payments.

Here you can

  • filter
  • search
  • download data as a CSV file
  • view the customer's payment page and
  • see various details


You can use the filter to set certain filters so that only the relevant data records are displayed in the overview.

  • In the upper left, click on the "filter" symbol, the funnel.
  • Select the filter criteria.
  • Click on "Apply" to apply the filter.


If all data records are to be displayed again,

  • click the filter again and then click "Delete."


Use the search function to search for a customer name or email address.


As soon as you enter the first letters, the system searches for the entered data in the "Recipient" column.

Downloading a CSV file

You can download a CSV file using the "CSV" button. You can then open these with a spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel, Google Spreadsheets or Numbers) and, if necessary, edit them further, e.g. for evaluations or automation.

The CSV file only contains the data records shown in the overview. So if you have searched or filtered beforehand, only these data records will be displayed.

View the customer's payment manage page

Each customer has their own payment page for each order. Here he sees all data for the order and all payments and invoices as well as the other dates for subscription or installment payments.

He can use it to pay the next installment, change the payment method and also end the subscription.


You can also view this page.

  • Go to that customer's order.
  • Right click on the icon … and then "Manage."


If the customer needs this link, you can send it to him or, if the customer wishes, cancel the subscription, for example.

Tip: Include the link to this page as a parameter in your purchase confirmation email. This way, the customer has this link right after the purchase.

View details

In the details, you can see all the information that is available for this order, such as

  • overview
  • product information, including the status of the individual course pages
  • payments
  • invoices
  • emails
  • logs

The detailed overview shows different sections. Only the sections for which data are available are displayed. 


  • Go to the order.
  • Click on the icon … and then on "Details" to view the details page.


Details on the overview can be found in this help article.

Hide content on the payment manage page for the customer via URL parameters 

If you send your customers the link to their payment manage page, you can hide certain information by specifying parameters in the URL.

Information that can be hidden

  • Number of payments

  • Payment date

  • Payment frequency

  • Payment method

  • Payment status

The parameters for this and how you can provide several in a row can be found in the article Hiding content on the payment manage page for the customer via URL parameters.

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