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Viewing order details

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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Under "Customers" and "Orders" you will find an overview of all orders (details on how to use them can be found in >>this article).

If you click on the "order ID" on the left in the order overview or on the options button and "Details" on the right, you will get to the order details with all the information about this order. Here you can see all the information that is available for this order.


Info.png Info

The ordering information is divided into different sections. Only those sections are displayed for which data is available, so that the interface is more or less extensive depending on the data situation. 18__1_.png

In the individual sections you will also find direct access to additional information such as the invoice, the transfer, etc.

Thus, this overview is your optimal cockpit with all information about this order.

Contents overview of the sections


In the overview you will find the basic data for this order. In addition to customer data, you will also find information on payment, product, affiliate program and publisher here.

This section also contains:

  • Download link (leads to elopage or your own >>thank you page). 
  • Payment manage page link.


Due dates

Here you can see, depending on the payment rhythm, which payments have already been made and which are still due. When subscribing, of course, we do not show all 100 future payments to keep the page clear.



Here you can find information about the ordered product.


If it is an online course, you can view the status of the individual course pages for the customer on the right via "Course Sessions."

For download products, you can extend the >>Download link here.


Here you can find all the invoices issued for these orders, including payment status.


By clicking on "Details" on the far right, you can call up another page on the invoice, view it, download it or cancel it.


Here you can find all transfers, i.e. triggered payments with their status. So payments that were made, payments with errors, payments with the status waiting for finalization.


Click on the "ID" on the left or on "Details" on the right (please use the horizontal scroll bar) to get to the transfer details. Here you can see more information or repay the amount / part of the amount.

E-mail logs

Here you can see which e-mails have been sent to your customers via us, including the attachments contained in the purchase confirmation e-mail, such as the invoice, for the eTicket the ticket and the cancellation policy.


Use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll further to the right. You will also see errors here if the e-mail could not be initiated by us. 
This says nothing about the customer's receipt of the e-mail, only about whether we have created the e-mail and handed it over to our e-mail provider.

Integration logs

If you have connected an external tool via one of our integrations, you will find the data that we have transferred in this overview.


Tracking logs

If you have saved tracking codes for the product, you will find the log here.


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