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Prices & packages

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In this article you will find out everything there is to know about the pricing model for sellers in their own name and how you can use the package overview to find out which package is right for you.

ueberblick.png Overview

Overview of our pricing model

Individual features (apps)


Overview of the costs

Contract term

Our packages and prices in detail

a) Costs for incoming payments

b) Costs for using the platform





elopage 14 day free trial


Overview of our pricing model

Individual features (apps)

With us, every feature is contained in an app so that to be able to use the feature, all you have to do is book the app. elopage currently offers over 80 different features related to product creation, payment, delivery, marketing and evaluations.

You can find an overview of all features including prices at >>



We offer you various packages in which certain features (apps) are already included. If a feature you need is not included, you can book it at any time.

You can find our packages at >>


Overview of the costs

Under "My Plan" you can see exactly what you have booked and what costs have been incurred. We calculate the costs on a daily basis so that at any time, you can see the costs that you have accrued so far.

On the 1st of the month, you will receive an invoice for the previous month.

Contract term

There is no contract term for booked features and apps. You can change your bookings every day. Invoicing is based on the number of days.

Our packages & prices in detail

You pay to use elopage:

a) Costs for incoming payments

b) Costs for using our platform, i.e. the software 

You can find both at  >>

hinweis.png Please note

Get your package deal now and pay just once a year. In this way, you can save up to 25%. Simply set the switcher to "Annually" and book your package at a discounted price.

a) Costs for incoming payments

For all packages, if you sell in your own name, you pay a maximum of 3.9% net plus 0.25 euro* for each incoming payment (=transfer).

If your product is free of charge (in general or when a coupon code is applied, for example), you do not have to pay any fees.

The transfer fee and service fee amounts are based on the price matrix. The higher your annual earnings and the higher the product price, the less you pay.

*If you have connected your PayPal or Stripe account, the 0.25 euro fee does not apply. PayPal / Stripe also charge their own fees.

b) Costs for using the platform

On the pricing page you will find our packages for sellers in their own name.

The Advanced, Professional and Premium packages each include all the features of the package listed before it to the left. 

You will then find all the features (apps) that are included in the package. You can find an overview of all features and their descriptions at >>

If you have booked a package and would like to use a feature that is not included in the package, you will find a note in the feature location saying that you must book the XYZ app for the monthly price of X euro.

You can then book the app directly from there and have a look at the feature description for this app under "Discover features."


This example refers to the coupon codes app, which is not included in the Essential package, but can be booked at any time.

Essential is the entry-level package with no monthly costs. If you need additional features, such as automated invoicing or coupon codes, that are not included here, you can book them at any time.

If you use online courses, you can use Essential to create a mini-course with five navigation entries (menu or page).

If you need more features such as additional pages or drip-in, you can simply book these features as well. We will show you the monthly costs for this before you book.

Advanced already includes many features that you need when creating and marketing paid products.

If you use our GDPR-compliant video app, this already includes 25 videos.

Professional contains all available features. If you use our GDPR-compliant video app, this includes 100 videos, plus our privacy policy generator and the membership product type as well as our elopage builder for online courses, memberships and your shop pages.

Premium includes our prioritized support as well as one hour of advice per month from one of our consultants, in addition to the extensive feature package.

elopage 14 day free trial - with the package of your choice

When you register your account, you get a special trial package for 14 days. This includes all the features of the Professional package except for the video app and privacy policy generator, the use of which incurs external costs for us. However, you can book these features at any time for a fee.

Would you like to try out the features that you have in the Essential or Advanced package? Then book the package in the trial phase. You can then use this free of charge until the end of the trial phase or trial another package.

Everything that you have created will be retained even if you downgrade the package. However, you will then no longer be able to use the features until you have booked the corresponding app.

Once the 14 days have elapsed, if you do not book a package yourself, you will automatically be downgraded to the free-of-charge Essential package so that you will not incur any costs for using the platform.

If you have products online, you should check which features you are using, as features that you had already activated in the trial (e.g. coupon codes or automated invoicing) are switched off in Essential.

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